Power Panel; Jimmy Dore, Dave Smith, Clint Russell and Pasta

Power Panel; Jimmy Dore, Dave Smith, Clint Russell and Pasta
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  1. Agree w Pasta. We tried the libertarian unregulated wet dream in the 1800's. Or even in 3rd world countries today. You get plaster in milk or burning rivers. You get child labor and no holidays. You get consolidated capital and trusts that then buy out their competition. And then they start buying whatever gov you have. We tried it with fire services and police. There is a reason those services are gov now. I'm down with their freedom and a free market where it makes sense. It does not make sense for healthcare, education, or public infra.

  2. OK the example of Lasik I can couch the very reason that it is not regulated properly and the doctors do this with no proper protocol there are many side effects. I went through this and for a life changing surgery the doc saw me only for 5 mins once before doing the surgery. No preexisting condition was taken into account. On hind sight I should have seen through the commercial way this procedure is done.

  3. People will not pay u less they get sick thats how people are. Look at Medicare most people get best health care through medicare and poor people get best medical care with medicaid. The same is given to ten times more price to private insurers because they can bill as much as they want to insurance companies. Dave is wrong is not well educated. Canada is good he has to talk to people over there. Health care is not tied to a job in Canada the problem is they have started privatizing prescription cost and they don’t cover dental and eye which they can but they don’t. It is in fact the slow privatization in Canada in health care.

  4. How do you run a hospital like that unless a private company and they will charge any price so It will be a nightmare. It takes government to run Hospitals through loca areas.

  5. Free markets are an illusion since to keep a market free requires well enforced regulations to prevent monopolies. As a Canadian I prefer to have our health care system imperfect as it is and it's problems are due primarily to lack of adequate funding because of those who lobby against the funding required in spite of having adequate money that is usually wasted on government subsidies of private businesses and the military. There are countries that have better health care coverage than Canada and most people are quite well off with many who are very well off in spite of higher taxes.

  6. “Dore falsely claims Biden and NATO are trying to "start wars with everybody" for supporting arming Ukrainians against ongoing Russian atrocities, lies that Ukrainian military are all nazis. Biden practically ended drone war, Trump increased drone bombings by 432%.”

  7. Bankers Profits from German Loans, 1932:

    Dillon, Read & Co.
    $241,325,000 Profit: $2.7 million

    Harris, Forbes & Co.
    $186.500.000 Profit: $1.4 million

    National City Co.
    $173.000.000 Profit : $5.0 million

    Speyer & Co.
    $59,500,000 Profit: $0.6 million

    Lee, Higginson & Co.
    $53,000,000 Profit: NA

    Guaranty Co. of N.Y.
    $41,575,000 Profit: $0.2 million

    Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
    $37,500,000 Profit: $0.2 million

    Equitable Trust Co.
    $34,000,000 Profit: $0.3 million

    Total invested :
    Profits: $10.4 million

  8. Same Z👁o Wall Street banks financed the invasion of Russia in 1917, created the Soviet “Union”-
    Some of the Corporations that immediately came in:
    International Harvester, Standard Oil, Ford, General Electric, Westinghouse/Metropolitan-Vickers, Lena Goldfields, even Gillette and countless other profiteers-
    Same banks invested in Germany, and re-armed Germany-
    Russia gradually unshackled itself and became a sovereign nation by 1991
    Same Z👁o demons are now financing the Ukronazis

  9. Wait ‘til Dave Smith needs a liver transplant
    If there’s enough money from the public purse for Ukrainian Nazis, there’s money for healthcare-
    Except the rulers don’t care about people

  10. The electioneering process was perfected when Colonel House produced the zombie controlled president Woodrow Wilson, as promised. The system has continued since

  11. Libertarians are great on war and social issues and absolutely abjectly terrible on fiscal issues. When Dave tried to talk about how people wouldn't voluntarily pay tax for Medicare, yeah because #1 people are dumb and don't plan for the future and #2 for some of the ones who do they don't get paid enough to be able to voluntarily give up any money. Before social security came along 50% of seniors died in poverty, today it's 9%. Is 9% perfect? No. But it's a HELL of a lot better than 50%.

    Governments do some stupid shit, but this Libertarian idea that all things government are bad and all things capitalism are good is simple and childish.

  12. Great convo but I don't see the left as being mature enough to compromise and unite as you can tell by the comment section….it's always gonna come back to identity politics, big government, and emotional outbursts.. Right populist are far more mature and reasonable to deal with as a libertarian.

  13. Excellent conversation, thank you so much! On the libertarian approach to funding health care, how do you put, for example, chemotherapy for leukaemia on the market? Emergency surgery? Diabetic coma or diabetes management generally? Plastic surgery is not the same as acute and chronic medical and surgical care for illness and injury. At the time when you are ill, you do not want or need to be weighing up which service is cheaper and better from a pool of offers on the market. The care needs to be there, when you need it, and free at the point of service. There are things in life that just need to be available to absolutely everyone, regardless of their bank balances. Are we really to be ruled only by what everything costs? I was interested to hear that Dave didn't really answer Jimmy's question, and didn't really put forward evidence that the free market is a better way to provide health services. And to compare health care with mobile phones and smart televisions unfortunately showed Dave to not really understand what providing health care and services to people actually means.

  14. Dave illustrated the constant failure of libertarian philosophy: the rich have too much power over the government, so weaken the government. How do intelligent people make this argument? You need to limit the power – the wealth – of the rich. I know, horror of horrors, but if you allow non-elected parties to have wildly disproportionate power, you will lose your democracy. Extremism doesn't work, there has to be some moderation of power. And don't claim that unbridled capitalism is natural, unless you're also an advocate of kidnapping, extortion, theft, and murder of the super rich.

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