Power Tripping Health “Expert” Claims Travel Within the U.S. is a “PRIVILEGE”, Not a Right

Dr. Leana Wen is power tripping…wants all the Americans that have not received the shot to be under lockdown and have their movements restricted.

➡️”When You Are So Far Up Your Own A** In Lies Your Brain Just Gives Up” –
➡️”Forcing ALL Workers to Get The Shot “DOESN’T GO FAR ENOUGH” –
➡️So Much For NOT Separating Families… –

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  1. WW2 veterans would be rolling over in their graves if they could see how fascist the USA is getting, truly disturbing how some people think like this and have the nerve to say it on public TV to convince others

  2. It's not a privilege, it's a right. And the Constitution didn't give us that right, it only codified it. That right was given to us by God, which is something you wouldn't know anything about, you trifling CCP heathen.

  3. This is that democrat double speak. It's not a constitutional right to board a plane. Correct. It's a constitutional right to travel freely in the US if you aren't a detainee of the state. Blur the line and watch the scared jump.

  4. I get what she means, there's no right to use a private transportation service and they can require certain requirements before you use their services. You can always drive or find an alternative transport service provider if you want to. You can travel, just maybe not with that company.

    How they said it sucks though.

  5. Hunt for Red October

    Capt. Vasili Borodin : I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a pickup truck… maybe even a "recreational vehicle." And drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?
    Capt. Ramius : Oh yes.
    Capt. Vasili Borodin : No papers?

    Captain Ramius : No papers, state to state.

  6. Let's be honest here these authoritarians are no different than the authoritarians of the past. If they thought for one moment they could get away with violent forced genocide, they would not hesitate for a second. The left is obsessed with two things, death and the sexualization of children.

  7. Since the circuit court ruling in Corfield v. Coryell, 6 Fed. Cas. 546 (1823), freedom of movement has been judicially recognized as a fundamental Constitutional right. In Paul v. Virginia, 75 U.S. 168 (1869), the Court defined freedom of movement as "right of free ingress into other States and egress from them" queue curb your enthusiasm music

  8. Government has no idea the beast they are about to awaken. America is about to be reborn in the blood of tyrants. I will take pleasure in this. I call this one. She is mine when the time comes.

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