POWERLESS Biden Takes the L And Finally Admits There is NO Federal Solution to COVID

There was never any federal solution:

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  1. We are not far away from them admitting its endemic, but they need to keep their emergency powers because of "variants"
    Notice how even Disney is making TV shows and movies about dangerous "variants", almost as if they are conditioning the public to be scared of the V word.

  2. But I would blame Biden and the world's pathetic Politicians for the catastrophic Societal, Financial, Psychological, Educational effects of this biological monstrosity.
    Them and their "Covid, Covid uber alles" B.S.

  3. Wasn't China. It was the United States deep state far left demokkkrat occupation. Without the farce of the political bioweapon. They the demokkkrats never would have been able to steal the election from Trump. You know this but just won't say it Tarl because of well let's us just say monetary reasons.

  4. The real red pill is that there's no government solution AT ALL. There's no solution of any kind. It'd be like trying to cure the common cold. A complete fool's errand. The closest thing to a solution is acknowledging that there is none and going back to normal. Actual normal, not the Klaus Schwab version.

  5. WRONG…Thump at least tried to find workable treatments for the disease…Biden, on the other hand, not only hasn't put in the effort for the best treatments, he's interfered with the medical community and from states like Florida to provide the treatments…thus, it's at least very likely that there are more deaths because of Biden's handling of the disease…

  6. IDK. I think trump deserves some blame for giving us fauci, starting the lockdowns and emergency orders, and extending them, spent trillions that largely was wasted, and gave us this useless vax and all the bullshit surrounding it.

  7. You can say Biden and Trump are powerless, and technically they don't have authority to do top down covid mandates etc. But they have de facto power that has real effects. Employers ARE using the "emergency OSHA act" to unconstitutionally coerce their employees. Trump DID have a conference call with governors early on whereby he got them on board to shut their states down. Do not confuse abstract and codified power vs the lawless measures and actions that actually fo occur in the real world. Biden's "non authority" you mention has destroyed lives and the economy. And so did Trump's power, which he used to kick off this disgusting tyranny.

  8. One thing we will learn in about 3 years as Covid becomes seasonal.
    The people who resisted the vaccine are what caused the mutations to get less and less powerful.
    The Delta variant, at the height of the vaccine give outs, was bad because so many people compromised their immune system at once.
    The people who refused the vaccine, put themselves at risk supposedly, they are what stole the power from Covid. No matter how hard world leaders wanted to use it to control us.
    The unvaxxed beat Covid, the rest just compromised their immune systems for life, on any respiratory issue.
    Wait until that science comes out.

  9. Trump had a better grasp on what powers the executive branch actually had than at least half a dozen of his predecessors and the vast majority of the population.

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