Pregnant Australian Mom Arrested for Facebook Post

Australia allowed BLM protests but is arresting people who organize protests against their lockdown. ?

THIS IS A TERRIFYING precedent and Dennis Prager breaks down why.

Written by PragerU


  1. They have literally arrested a PREGNANT WOMAN, without justifying the cause, putting her health and the health of the unborn, at risk, for how fearful she looked? Is this freedom? Is this what we, the western civilization, have fought for? And riots, looters are out there doing whatever they want, even under 'a pandemic' circumstance, as they say?

  2. A civil war is long overdue, please pay attention to the ancient philosopher Socrates, he lived in a time when the government was keeping people silent in a Democratic government and was put to death for sharing his opinion, we must irradiate this before it’s too late. It’s time for freedom supporters to stand up as Americans and protect the last true sanctuary on earth. Don’t wait until it’s too late, it’s now or never.

  3. Do you want to know what's really screwed up? Classical liberalism is all about small government and freedom of speech. So liberalism isn't even liberalism anymore……these are the views of "conservatives" now…….the ones classical liberals opposed 30 years ago. Yeah….wrap your head around that

  4. Discriminatory practices, extortion, misuse/abuse of office, high crimes and misdemeanors, etc. Every Australian should sue and file criminal charges against their politicians personally for violating the laws, rules of conduct, their Oaths of office, etc.

  5. Free speech is always under assault and we can never lay down arms.

    Also everyone needs to look up CountDankula, the UK has been doing this for literal years!

  6. The doom of every monopoly is to grow and put its members goals over its goals.

    Minimal / Small / Limited state is a myth, because the state, by definition, is a monopoly.

    The only solution is a free market of governance.

  7. My family are living through thid nightmarish dystopia right now. We are in Melbourne under martial law. Signposts of a Marxist government:

     list of characteristics:

    A reductively atheistic materialist world-view which aims at undermining anything Christian in society;

    An ideology that is disconnected from Truth and reality;

    A cultural Marxism that later permeated also the West with the help of the Frankfurt School and Antonio Gramsci’s ideas;

    A revolutionary socialistic spirit that undermines especially major aspects of family life – especially with the help of feminism, divorce and abortion;

    A Hegelian dialectic philosophy, along with dialectic materialism, which claims that strife and ongoing contention in society are necessary in order to bring about higher and unfolding forms of life; such an approach essentially denies and purportedly transcends the principle or law of non-contradiction.

    A form of governing “revolutionary socialism” that is also constitutionally called “Democratic Centralism,” the latter formulation meaning that things have the appearance of being openly democratic, yet they are all centrally organized and managed in the background (Dr. Robert Hickson recently applied this principle to the current situation in the Church – especially with regard to the Family Synods – here);

    A disregard for tradition and for the traditional institutions of society (or now of the Church, such as the Curia?) as “counter-revolutionary forces”;

    A deceitful misuse of language with the intent to manipulate the public;

    A method of branding one’s own opponents with sweeping and demeaning epithets that abstractly categorize them as “right-wing” or “counter-revolutionary” [and what about the most-common term in use among the left: “fascist”?];

    An approach to ongoing revolutionary changes where there is both “a slow path” and “a fast path” of the Revolution; such is “the Dialectic” and the “dialectical process”;

    Toward more moderate and compromising opponents, one first tries to incorporate them into the professed new system so as to use them as Lenin’s “useful idiots” in the sense that they help give to the world the illusory idea that nothing has really changed;

    As a last element – but of course a very important and painful one for those who lived under Communism – there is a constant sense of distrust and fear, unto the imprisonment and killing of one’s intransigent opponents.


  8. A lot of good points. But you’re wrong about big companies. They are currently the biggest threat to free speech, which is the basis for all other rights.

    Massive concentration of power is a threat- whether it’s in the form of big companies or big government.

  9. I listen to Prager a lot, I live here in Australia ??
    Best place to live so far as I have been travelling. When it comes to the arrest, the government was trying to stop people from organising quarantine protest, she wasn’t arrested for only a random post, some other organised protests were linked to her.
    So yeah please spread the good news but tell the full story.
    All the best PragerU.