Pregnant mum arrested for ‘inciting’ freedom protest back in court

I caught up with Zoe Buhler, a Ballarat mum who was handcuffed and arrested while heavily pregnant last year. SHARE my full @Rebel News report:



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Written by Avi Yemini

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  1. I’m never going to apologise it’s not in their hearts they don’t have souls you gotta understand that the police know who they know who they are and they know that the people know who they are now they’re not they’re not what the press puts out which is also like the police and the government and so on everybody knows that you know if there’s a war that starts who do you think that people attack first the enemy that’s coming all those within the country think about that one that’s the word on the street at something to ponder about people that’s what I call real

  2. Therefore Australia’s not a democratic society or should I say a democratic government they’re not democratic they never were and is showing you today you can’t call this a democratic society it’s not so we need to get this democratic society back how do you do that you get rid of all of these politicians for a start and they are going and they know it all of them

  3. Illegal to incite people to gather in a public place last year when they were in lockdown and she knew it. You're deliberately ignoring that she knew the law and incited people to break it. End of story. Guilty as charged.

  4. I bet they drop the charges just before the court case. Stevie Wonder can see that the charges are politically motivated and falsified. For goodness sake charging someone with incitement for organising a peaceful protest in a democratic country, what a joke. The government might as well pay her compensation now. The problem is that they don’t pay with their own money they pay it with tax payer dollars. You deserve every cent you get for being persecuted in a country where we are supposed to be young and free. As for you premier I’ll save it for the ballot box. Labor and Liberal will be last on the list. But you’ll run and hide and Labor will pull the old switch aroo just before the election but it won’t help.

  5. Social Media and the Totalitarian Police State act as one in crushing freedom of speech the right to gather and protest against Government Policies .. yet Kneel to other Protests .. Melbourne BLM Protests comes to mind .. Is this equal treatment under the Law..

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