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  1. The SA labor government thinks that they will replace all gas power plants with hydrogen power plant within 3 years. I just hope we don't have 2 things happen. 1. the hydrogen conversion plants or power plant blow up. like what happened with the zeppelins 2. there are no ammonia leaks which kill people and damages environment. which happens with cold storage building all the time.

  2. Renewables are cheap… if you don't include firming; of which the greens hate the most efficient (pumped hydro). Yeah nah, lets level mountains for battery materials.

  3. As humans the best thing we can do for the environment is dig up carbon from the ground and put it into the air. Every single green thing on the planet relies on carbon, and every single animal relies on those plants. I wonder if there is an MRNA vaccine for stupidity.

  4. I live in Qld .Last month I installed solar panels and a generator change over switch to the power box.
    I also purchased a yamaha 6.3kva generator and 2 bushman 280L fridges that run on lpg / 240v.
    I have also purchased 12V fridges / batteries for the rainy day.
    I'm in the process of installing a Tesla 14.4kw battery also.
    My partner thinks I'm crazy but I have followed my gut instinct to prepare for what's ahead.Not good times

  5. Ive already prepared for blackouts. I was trying to tell people beginning of the year.

    In 12 months it will be worse, less capacity, MORE people migrating into Australia. It's the perfect storm. Expect power prices to rise to control power usage. More profit, less power provided.

  6. Imagine if we all had electric cars, all plugged in being charged at the moment. Not much chance tomorrow being able to drive to work or having to get to hospital in an emergency remembering that all ambulances will be EV as well. How could we be so batshit stupid.

  7. Yes I think we should get rid of coal fired power stations because it makes good sense because we need electricity for all the new electric cars/ vote green policy all the way because when a cow farts you will be paying for it with carbon tax ( not being able to eat the meat except if you are Bill Hates)
    But don’t worry you will own nothing and be happy by 2030 according to the World Economic Forum .So vote Dan because prolonged abuse of the masses is the only answer

  8. Yah it's not like they are just throwing drama at people are they?
    So we are to believe a country that exports power and food on MASS, somehow is going to have shortages on both of these ?

    Seriously at what point do we bring out guillotines for politicians

    We export over 3 times the food the nation consumes and have a Multi megawatt power cable to Singapore let alone just using coal!

    Seriously let's look at common sense before a quick buck for some random corporation that doesn't pay any tax here anyway.

    STOP blaming the wind and solar systems this is 100% the fault of successive governments at both state and federal levels, the bullshite lobbyists and power executives only being concerned with the next quarter and their bonuses NOT KEEPING OUR GENERATING CAPACITY UP WITH POPULATION GROWTH AND WITH IT DEMAND.

    You claim to have a functioning brain the riddle this. Our population was 20 million in 2003 and went past 25 million in 2018.
    The generating capacity of our major baseload systems DID NOT GROW 1% yet basic demand grew 20%.
    WHAT DOES THE BASIC CONCEPT of supply and demand economics tell us will happen in that scenario?

    Here's a list to consider (MW is mega watts) It all of the power stations with capacities over 1,000 MW. Note: Torrens Island was at one point capable of 1,200 MW before they shut down the oldest part some years ago.
    Eraring (NSW) 2,880 MW built 1982 age 40 due to close 2025
    Bayswater (NSW) 2,640 MW built 1982 age 40
    Loy Yang A (Vic) 2,200 MW built 1984 age 38
    Liddell (NSW) 2,000 MW built 1971 age 51
    Gladstone (QLD) 1,680 MW built 1976 age 46
    Hazelwood (Vic) 1,600 MW ALREADY SHUT DOWN
    Yallourn W (Wic) 1,480 MW built 1975 age 53
    Stanwell (QLD) 1,445 MW built 1993 age 29
    Tarong (QLD) 1,400 MW built 1984 age 38
    Mt. Piper (NSW) 1,400 MW built 1993 age 29
    Vales Point B (NSW) 1,320 MW built 1978 age 44
    Loy Yang B (Vic) 1,050 MW built 1993 age 29
    Torrens Island B (SA) 800 MW built 1976 age 46

    Power stations like car engines have a life time before they need a major rebuild. Instead of miles (or km) its years of service. Rule of thumb puts that between 20-25 years. The expectation is they will usually need a second rebuild before being utterly unreliable at 45-50 years of age. NOBODY ever expects any power station to go beyond 50 years of age. Other than being worn out just consider how much technology can change including efficiency upgrades. Hazelwood had a thermal efficiency of about 20%. Rio Tinto built one in Japan with about 42% after Fukushima.

    Before you mouth off at the wind and solar people how about the billion + that's been dumped into clean coal and carbon capture. Even if they work they don't solve the generating problem and FYI – they have never be shown to actually work.

    DON'T BLAME ANYBODY BUT THE governments, power executives and lobbyists for this mess. Sure if you want to slap the wind and solar people for their stupidity go ahead THEY DESERVE IT. Look at that Atlasian clown he's going to replace a power station with a battery that less than 15 minutes capacity of that power station while claiming its progress. The economics of our power industry is out of control and being run by clowns who's only decision parameter is what get's me my next bonus.

    This is why people leaving the power industry are putting substantial roof top solar and/or small scale wind with batteries because they all know how FKD we are.

    I told you last week we are the hare in the film Snatch – proper FKD.

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