‘Prepare for IMPACT:’ Japan’s Inflation DEATH SPIRAL Could Be America’s Future | @Glenn Beck

We now know why Japan said it wants to be the first full adopter of the Great Reset: It’s in about to enter an inflation death spiral. But because of how connected Japan’s economy is to America, the crash of the Yen could easily lead to a crash of OUR treasury bonds, i.e. our debt. Just that alone is terrifying. But it’s not the full story: What happened to the Japanese market sounds eerily similar to what’s happening now in America, and China is all too aware. Prepare for impact. WATCH more Glenn Beck:

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  1. Stop getting basic facts wrong it makes you sound like a liar. Japan only owns 1.3 trillion, not 2 trillion. Just be honest about your numbers or I can't believe anything you say.

  2. It's like all the world leaders know we're f*cked. They all recklessly print money knowing the dollar won't exist in a few years.
    Problem is, they also know a whole lot of people gotta die before the reset happens.
    Everybody is in debt to each other and these assh0les in suits are going to blow up the planet fighting for the resources needed to build the next automobile and smart phone.

  3. was going to happen sooner or later. fake money only goes so far. so but coin isnt looking so good once the dollar crashes again.
    forced investment into gooberment.

  4. Women have become so crazy, especially white liberal women, that nobody wants to touch them. We'll have the same problems getting boys interested in sex, assuming we don't turn them all into shes or theys first anyway.

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