Prepare for no-deal Brexit declares Boris Johnson – but is it all just theatre?! (4k)




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Prepare for no-deal Brexit declares Boris Johnson – but is it all just theatre?!

Boris Johnson issued a statement yesterday calling on the U.K. to prepare for a no-deal exit from the Brexit Implementation Period – but is this, as some are claiming, all just for show?

Boris Johnson made a Brexit statement yesterday calling on the U.K. to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. And Brexiteers across the land have hailed it as heralding the Brexit they all wanted – a full no-deal exit from the European Union.

Boris did, however, leave the negotiating door a little ajar leading some pundits to call this a negotiation tactic and claim that there will be a deal very soon.

And the E.U. is also no doubt believing this is the case. Especially given the E.U. Council instructions to their negotiator, Michel Barnier, to keep ploughing on.

So, is this all theatre with a deal being cooked up in secret?

Well, if that is the case, it’s going to have to be a deal that somehow allows the U.K. to totally control its fishing grounds while handing the fish over to the E.U. fishing community.

A deal that allows the U.K. to completely dictate its own laws, but under the control of Brussels.

A deal where the U.K. has absolute freedom to formulate its own trade and state aid policies, but only if Brussels O.K.s them.

An impossibility, as you can well imagine.

So, a deal at this stage would entail climbdowns by one side, or more probably by both sides.

And any climbdown on those major issues would not go down in the U.K. or the E.U. So I don’t see that happening.

And when you read the PM’s statement, you can see that the tiny window left open for more negotiations was merely for the E.U. to come and talk on U.K. terms.

In his statement, Boris said:

“And from the outset we were totally clear that we wanted nothing more complicated than a Canada-style relationship, based on friendship and free trade.

“To judge by the latest E.U. summit in Brussels that won’t work for our E.U. partners. They want the continued ability to control our legislative freedom, our fisheries, in a way that is obviously unacceptable to an independent country.”

And then he said that with only ten weeks to go until the end of the Implementation Period, he had to make a judgement on the likelihood of the U.K. and E.U. agreeing a deal on time. And he continued with:

“And given that they have refused to negotiate seriously for much of the last few months, and given that this summit appears explicitly to rule out a Canada-style deal, I have concluded that we should get ready for January 1 with arrangements that are more like Australia’s based on simple principles of global free trade.

“And we can do it, because we always knew that there would be change on January 1 whatever type of relationship we had.

“And so now is the time for our businesses to get ready, and for hauliers to get ready, and for travellers to get ready.”

And as he’s said before, the U.K. stands ready to discuss the practicalities of things like aviation and social security.

And then he stated the terms on which he would continue negotiations with the E.U. when he said:

“But for whatever reason it is clear from the summit that after 45 years of membership they are not willing – unless there is some fundamental change of approach – to offer this country the same terms as Canada.”

There you have it. Boris is saying it will take a ‘fundamental change of approach’ by the E.U. to get him back around the table. A fundamental change of approach that has as its aim a Canada style free trade agreement.

And to back that up reports soon came flooding in that the U.K. Brexit negotiator, Lord David Frost, had informed his opposite number, the E.U.’s Michel Barnier, not to bother travelling to London next week as there’d be no-one here for him to talk to.

A bit embarrassing for the president of the E.U. Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who had Tweeted out that “…. the E.U. continues to work for a deal, but not at any price. As planned, our negotiation team will go to London next week to intensify these negotiations.”

On this the Brexiteer Bruges Group think-tank Tweeted:

“Strong rhetoric from the PM today, followed by firm action by David Frost, who has reportedly told Barnier not to travel to London on Monday for further talks. The Government is exerting maximum pressure on the E.U. and genuinely appears ready for an Australian-style outcome if necessary.”

And that well known Brexiteer Tory MP Peter Bone said:

“Well done Boris!! Standing up to the E.U. and putting the U.K. first.”




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Dreamers, if there is no deal the UK will have er very rough time starting 1th January 2021. That's why your little would-be entrepreneur Boris doesn't dare to call off negotiations. Look at the response from EU leaders. They don't care about the mad statesman Boris Johnson's threats.

  2. Putting the trustless borris comments aside. Both sides have cornered themselves and are praying the opposite backs down. Neither will so there is only one option and that is to walk. I think we will see a no deal brexit as there is no runway left to land on. Hate Borris all you like but he won't survive if he gives in to the French. He will be out of office. Politicians are self serving and backing down will kill his premiership off. Standing firm effects the man in the street more. Macron is actually in more danger as no deal means no uk fish regardless. Unless he makes Borris back down somehow he is donald ducked!


  4. Dear Jeff, I DO hope you didn't make too much of a financial loss when despite Johnson's statement about walking away, the pound remained strong as the city bankers know that this inadequate shepherd has cried wolf too many times already.. Still if they spotted that it was yet another bluff, i expect you did too . You may be completely without scruples, but not totally daft. How much money will actually make you happy?. I suspect that you will never be happy whatever your bank balance.

  5. Apparently the talks continue. So no conclusions yet, although a deal only seems to reduce future economic hardship. Markets have Brexit priced in at the moment so no additional shock seems to be anticipated at this time.
    UK unemployment is high. Economy is in the tank. Covid is rampant. Poverty levels in the UK are rising. UK credit rating downgraded again due to the poor economy. An increasing percentage of the wealth of the UK continues to end up with the rich. That wealth is being transferred overseas or just sitting waiting for opportunities. Polls seem to indicate a growing dissatisfaction with the current government.
    It would be interesting to know how many have absolute confidence in the UK government at this moment.

    Care to talk about issues that effect the average people?

  6. When Boris announced no deal, it was like the pressure subsided and the weight was lifted off of his shoulders to get a deal.He can now sit back and relax.The ball is now firmly in the EU's court and for them to decide.They are always welcome to do a deal with us, but not at any cost to our sovereignty.That is why the door has been left open for them.

  7. Haha nice the last nail in the coffin of the british empire! The ego of the UK was its downfall from owning 25% of the world in 1914 to a tiny nation island with less than 70 mill people who all live and use technology of the 1900 still stroking the cocks of their ancestors. Having hot and cold water coming from the same faucet is black magic and heating your tea with coals is still normal. Everyone in the world looks at them seeing they live on poverty conditions but they tell themselves with pride this is how we do it! A country that never joined the 21 century and is still on course to be the biggest and longest LARPing quest in the world. A country where a queen still exists and parliament cannot speak if the golden magic wand isnt in the room. A room that never been refitted to the modern world where all that matters is if the benches are 2 sword length from each other because thats still a thing it seems. A country that has one of the worst healthcare systems in europe and one of the highest % of people living below the poverty line. Where the entire country is so old everything is falling apart. At a time where everyone in the world is moving to a global interactions from the creation of the USA to the creation of the EU all the way to the alliance of BRIC the UK is looking to for sovereignty and isolation like north korea. Soon Northern island and Scotland will leave the UK because they want to live in 2020 and not some weird illusion created by westminster. Leave the UK like billions of people did before you! Declare your independence from that sinking ship! Leave them behind like the USA, Canada, Ireland, Egypt, Israel, India, half of africa, New zealand, Austalia, Hong kong and many many more did. Join the 21 century and lets celebrate the death of the british.