President Biden ‘appeared to need help just staying on the red carpet’ in Israel

US President Joe Biden appeared to “need help just staying on the red carpet” after he got off the plane upon his arrival in Israel, says Sky News Australia host James Morrow.  

Mr Morrow said Joe Biden’s presidency is now a “theatre of the absurd”.


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  1. Well what about the other countries? Are they going to spend billions and trillions to go all electric so we will have cleaner air? The answer is NO!

    So Americans have to suffer for the sake of electric transportation. When the wind blows from the other countries towards American all the pollution will invade the USA.

    All this electric nonsense will bankrupt America. We need to vote these bananas out of Washington. So Biden goes to other countries to buy dirty oil so we can have it in America when we can produce cleaner fuel here in the USA. That logic is the logic of a SICK idea. Jill, you need to tell your husband to retire now! Then we need to vote all Dems out of office including Harris and the rest of the destroyers of American values.

  2. I believe he has dementia. My mom had it and he acts just like she did…very confused…looking dazed etc. He was like this when he ran for president. No way he got most votes in history. He's illegitimate.

  3. When will Biden be impeached for being not capable of doing his job, and Harris be eliminated from any chance of becoming President due to being too ignorant. This country needs to reinstate Trump, the man that actually won the election.

  4. In years past the United States would issue what is referred to as a cost of living adjustment to offset inflation, but unfortunately the United States is fiscally insolvent and has been financed by China for the last 50 years. May Americans please seek asylum in Australia because our country is too stupid to live in.

  5. Can I ask you a question your formats no good you're always complaining about something in America and trying to get everybody to hate Joe Biden you're from Australia why don't you stick your nose in Australia's business instead of coming over here aggravating me with this waste of time

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