President Biden Bans Russian #gold (Will This Raise Prices?)

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  1. This time of year , end of June / early July .. is often a low for the year & often is up by Oct , Nov , Dec . Each year is different . If you look back to 2,000 , as the price went up , $350 seemed high , then $750 seemed high , then $1,200 seemed high , looking back it was a good buy . At that time silver was less than $5 to your door . Then $12 silver seemed high , then $15 silver seemed high . The price today will be looked back upon as a good buy . The money printing has been off the charts in the past few years , BIG Inflation Is Here !!! Any REAL investment will go up in value / price . BTW bitcoin , is not Any kind of hard money .. or ANY Kind Of Gold …. sorry max & saylor . Peter Schiff is correct … again !!

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