President Donald Trump: Nationwide lockdown would ultimately inflict more harm than it would prevent

President Donald Trump insisted Monday that shutting down the United States in an attempt to curb the coronavirus would cause more harm than good, doubling down on previous comments that he would not call for a nationwide lockdown. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

President Donald Trump insisted Monday that shutting down the United States in an attempt to curb the coronavirus would cause more harm than good, doubling down on previous comments that he would not call for a nationwide lockdown.

“It’s important for all Americans to recognize that a permanent lockdown is not a viable path forward producing the result that you want or certainly not a viable path forward and would ultimately inflict more harm than it would prevent,” Trump said during a White House briefing on the virus.

He said the U.S. only initially shut down to prevent the overflow of hospitals and to allow U.S. health officials and scientists to learn more about the new virus, including developing effective treatments to fight it. He said the U.S. is doing “really well” on developing coronavirus drugs and vaccines.

“Lockdowns do not prevent infection in the future. They just don’t. It comes back many times, it comes back,” Trump said.

While Trump said he would not shut down the U.S., he urged Americans to stay “vigilant” against the coronavirus as U.S. officials begin to see new “flare-ups,” including in states like Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Missouri. Trump said there are 18 states that have reported low coronavirus cases and positivity rates below 5%, including New Jersey, Connecticut and New York, once seen as the nation’s epicenter at the beginning of the outbreak.

“In our current phase, we must focus on protecting those at highest risk while allowing younger and healthier Americans to resume work and school with careful precautions. Ideally we want to open those schools. We want to open them,” he said.

State lawmakers, rather than the federal government, have imposed harsh restrictions on residents and businesses throughout the nation’s coronavirus response. But with the U.S. economy straining under the social distancing rules, Trump has loudly called on the country to reopen.

Trump has insisted that he wouldn’t close the country if a second wave of coronavirus cases emerged. Instead, the U.S. will “put out the fires” as they arise. In recent weeks he’s pushed for schools to reopen in the fall regardless the state of the nation’s Covid-19 outbreak, saying that keeping schools closed “is causing death also.”

The World Health Organization has previously warned that countries with rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreaks might have to reinstate lockdowns to curb the virus’ spread, even those that were once successful when reopening. White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has suggested some states hit the “reset button” and pause or roll back reopenings if cases climb.

Earlier on Monday, Fauci warned the rate of coronavirus tests that have come back positive in some states outside of the southern region of the nation is beginning to increase. It’s the same “insidious” rise that the Sun Belt region saw a month or so ago before cases surged, he said.

Fauci said states should take a “serious” reexamination of where they are in the process of reopening. “You may need to pause, you may need to drop back a little bit. I don’t think you necessarily have to revert to go all the way back to reclosing,” he said Monday.

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  1. Only because theres so many people f-d up, they don't know what to do without instruction.
    They go back to their primitive violent competitive state.

  2. Trump lies about all things
    He doesn't care about Over 155,000 deaths
    The USA is chaired by an incompetent fool
    😂😂😂😂 Shame on him 😂😂😂😂
    Don't forget to Vote This Failure Man Out😂

  3. 5 presidents back…..without trump……have looted, mismanaged the money of the country……it takes two presidencies to fix this.
    Attempts to murder trump are in place before he can fix it.
    China communist socialist is constantly doing pandemic to take over the world…….responsible for assasinating biologically all over the world..
    The world needs to put china communist socialist back…..they have their own country to run…
    China has technology and digital money and advancement that is apocaliptic….antihuman….cruel…
    All this mask, and virus and hospitals, etc….china needs to go….

    China has always been invasive, worst than US.
    US put chinatowns in every state back in the times of J.
    F. Kennedy…
    If you see the great wall of china was created by tartarians who lived at that time to stop them from encrouching.
    All we see are lies, cheat and deceit……

  4. So the average age of 78 is an ok time to die, because of Covid-19, the way it sounded from the trumpturd. I am very sad for Americans burdening a heartless, selfish foolish dictator. Please vote in 2020- get him out for the globes' sake too!

  5. Quite the opposite, President idiot. At this point a Nationwide lockdown would do more good than harm. The government prints and burn money on a daily basis. Therefore, I don't see how that is inflicting more harm. Yes, smaller businesses will suffer, but more and more people are dying. I know I'm going to not live forever nor will anybody else for that matter, but I'm not going to rush my own death because of your refusal to do a Nationwide lockdown. Screw that! The virus is as real as God Almighty and even the atheists (who have never even cracked open a bible in their entire life) are praying to God that they don't contract the virus. There is nothing under control, but the government and the president forcing the economy to stay open only to make the virus worsen.

  6. All computer "Models" are set up by "Microsoft", manipulated by Bill Gates. Who do you think you are fooling???
    This is a Record of "Malfeasance and Racketeering" by Government, Corporations, and The Corporate News Media.
    I am sure that you do not represent the population of this country. Selling out to the highest bidder or believing that you may assume more authority than you were allowed when you were voted into office is Unconstitutional. You swore to uphold the Constitution.
    The Highest Bidders are the Rockefellers and Bill Gates. They are not Medical Doctors, they are Eugenicists with a long standing bribery and extortion history of Influential Government Employees of every nation. The Eugenicists of today are the "Phoenix" of Nazi Germany's Hitler Cult that desires control of the population of the world.
    You are not "naive" or innocent as you have achieved your lofty position in "Politics". You must know about the horrors of WWII. The rich Corporations and Executives who supported Hitler during his rise to power found out that they must also "Obey" the "der Führer" or suffer the consequences. Too late for them, but what about you?
    Principle conspirators: Professor Ferguson (Imperial College) Tetros (World Health Organization) Fauci (National Institute of Health, HHS) Corporate News Outlets including Medical Journals (All sponsored by Big Pharma). This is known as "A Conflict of Interest"! The FDA and CDC represent Pharmaceutical Corporations too.
    When have we been smothered in daily "Death Tolls" and "Infection" numbers Day after Day, Hour after Hour for Six (6) months? Never, until Covid-19 "The Never Ending Virus" came along!
    The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket
    This Was Only The Beginning
    MIRROR Harry Vox 2010 Rockefeller “Scenarios for Future Tech ” And Dead Zone 2003 Ep Hydroxychloroq
    MT doctor explains C0vid-9teen death certs are manipulated
    The U.S. Government has been LYING to us for as long as anyone can remember, probably forever. Motives?
    The "Government" officials have shut down the economy and taken our Constitutional Rights Away!!! Vaccines are Poison. The Common Cold is a Corona Virus. There has never been a cure or a vaccine that prevents the "Common Cold". What makes anyone think that a vaccine will prevent or cure a corona virus such as the "Common Cold" or this so called "Killer, Deadly, "Novel" Covid-19 virus". This is "Non-Science" and Nonsense!
    The "Common Cold" is a "Corona Virus"!! There has never been a vaccine that ends the "Common Cold"! What makes anyone think that a vaccine will be effective for "Covid-19"? Believing that this "Untested Vaccine" will cure or prevent the "Common Cold" or "Covid-19" is "Unscientific, Malfeasant, "Inhumane" Idiocy"!!!
    Vaccine Formulators cannot be sued for harm or death as a result of their "Vaccine Concoctions".
    “1986 THE ACT” Vaccines have not been tested since 1986.
    MIRROR Leaked Military Internment Camps in U S to be Used by the United Nations
    Return to the Constitution, James Parker 08/07/2020


  8. Trump, Mr. PRESIDENT..end the lockdown, you will be re elected if you do this. It was a way to make you look bad according to the crazed dems.suicide is up 600 % from the lock down has destroyed so many lives due to lockdown, I may be next, I was planning on voting for you, but u must end this criminal. Fake lockdown.

  9. Trump was right. Lockdowns caused more crime, death, sickness, suicides, drug over doses, inflation then the virus itself. Wake up people. Trump was the GOAT. He's not a globalist. That's why the whole corrupt system hates him..

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