President Magoo Provoking War with China

During his overseas trip to Asia, President Joe Biden declared that the United States would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion. This comes less than two months after Biden made similar threats towards Russia during an overseas trip to Europe.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. The pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

  2. It is like the billionaires must hear only their anthem on the internet and actually any place else. It is an anthem selling the predation of rich people and cursing the Russians and Chinese and Arabs and any other group that does not do things in the same way they do. There never is a question like this: What have you done to make it possible for cooperation with Russia and China, and any other country? The answer is that we are being very heavily brainwashed against possibly the best government on the earth…China would fall in that category with Bollivia when it comes to a government helping their citizens live healthy productive lives.. The U.S. A. with its flag flying in a strong wind (mostly from our congressional blowhards) has not been lifting any impoverished person out of poverty. We are instead attempting to maintain poverty in poor countries. This is dishonoring the image of America and Americans.

  3. YouTube’s absurd opinions on “misinformation,” are both funny & offensive…. They also have way too many commercials. Did I mention too many commercials? What I meant to say was too many commercials!

  4. What's with the left and China? China is only nominally socialist, it's a fascist ethno state in all but name. The crazy China shilling isn't helping you politically, it just makes you look like a bunch of delusional idealogues. I really don't get it but whatever, carry on with your crazy bullshit, I guess if the left really is this far up its own ass I got no use for it anyway.

  5. It is incomprehensible that there is not a cacophony of anger that drives this imbecile of a POTUS out the back door of the White House and back to DE.

    He is f..king with our very existence on the planet…….and people – me included – do nothing to terminate his careening behavior.

    To be sure, the orange colostomy bag with a necktie is no better – which doesn't say much for us as a voting citizenry.

  6. Kissinger is only suggesting how to save face when Russia wins and acquires parts of Ukraine. 'We were totally winning but we folded because we know Russia is a sore loser that starts nuking whenever they feel inferior.. So, you're welcome we just saved the world..'

  7. I love J. DORE but I always wonder why he doesn't get dinged repeatedly for covid stuff, while channels like this get nailed all the time. It must just be the size of the channel. YT must not want to have a million people pissed, but they normally dont care how big you are. Wierd!

  8. I agree with Charlotte Ruse, Biden is not going off script. The State Department changed their website concerning Taiwan and China has issued a complaint.
    I wish you would talk about the climate. We are losing Arctic Sea Ice despite their attempts to make ice with the Laptev Ice Machine. This has been churning since the Fall/Winter of 2019 and 2020. And the ice has cleared this week and it is clearly visible on Earth Null School. But deep ocean heat is off the charts and the ice has no chance. One of the options for the Klimate Engineers has been a nuclear winter. This war mongering might have another purpose. These Maternal Fornicators are sick enough to try this.

  9. According to the most popular theory, black holes are quite widespread in our universe… In the 1970s, scientists photographed the first… What was it called? Southvietnam 69.JFK.J.N.. Nope?

  10. The US State Department website has already changed its position on the One China Policy. Everything is going according to the plan laid out by a Rand Corp Report to destabilize and weaken China. This is the same playbook employed against Russia over Ukraine.

  11. Biden doesn't keep secrets very well. Man, I could find out if his wife was cheating on him, and he'd never even notice. The conservatives are at war in Europe,. Shooting is allowed in the USA, the gas problem isn't even about saving the ecosystem in the USA-. Driving is the future and medical care is a business, like housing, so people die and are homeless. The news is for conservatives, who just gloat at the losses.

  12. meanwhile neocon kagan says dont worry putin will not use the bomb ——we dont need jerks playing games of nuclear chicken ,,,,,,,get this bozo and his wife victoria nuland out of positions of power

  13. President Magoo? Haha!

    Didn't watch this video.

    Primo, Taiwan is a country. I know because I lived there for 4 years. So if you or anybody wants to know the reality on the ground in Taiwan please have me on your show or contact me.

    It's no big deal that Biden said the US will defend Taiwan.

    That's always been the US position since 1980.

    When George W. Bush was in the White House he also said he'd defend Taiwan.

    Did war break out? No.

    No shooting between Taiwan and China since 1980. 40 years of peace.

    The media pushed us into war with Iraq, Ukraine and now they're trying to do the same with China.

    In Mandarin we call this bullshido.

    Primo, if you or anybody wants to talk to me about this, please contact me. I won't get into a thread. I did that already and I got into a very long thread on the same topic on a different channel. I'd rather go on your show, or if somebody else wants to have me on, I'd rather do that as well.

    No long threads please.

  14. The official name of the Taiwanese government is "Republic of China", it used to be located in mainland China (Nanjing) and ruled the entire Chinese territory including the island of Taiwan until 1949 when they were defeated by the Chinese Communist Party in the civil war and fled to Taiwan. This was actually a civil war in China, and it never officially ended. Although the two sides have stopped large-scale fighting since about 70 years ago, the two sides have never signed any armistice or peace agreement. That means the war is not over, it can be continued at any time.

    Taiwan (former Chinese government) never had a chance to retake mainland territory, and the CCP had the ability to take back Taiwan and unify all of China about 20 years ago if they wanted to. But the CCP is reluctant to use force to unify Taiwan because:
    1. They want economic development, not war.
    2. All Chinese people do not want to hurt each other again.
    So the CCP advocates peaceful reunification through negotiation since the 1980s. They did their best to avoid conflict, and they have been sharing the fruits of economic development with Taiwan.

    However, since the 1980s, the United States has been trying to divide the Chinese territory by promoting independence movements on the island of Taiwan, just as they have tried to do with Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang. They want to weaken China, subvert the Chinese regime and turn the whole of China into their puppet. All for their hegemonic interests.

    The CCP is not in a hurry to take back Taiwan territory, but they will never tolerate any independence movement dividing Chinese territory, and they will use force to stop anyone who wants to try. No matter how much that will cost.

    We all know that this is not a conflict between countries, this is a civil war in China, so using the word "invasion" is a completely wrong term. In fact, the behavior of the United States to manipulate Taiwan and provide military assistance is interfering in China's internal affairs.

    Now the US is trying to force the CCP to use force to retake the Taiwan island because they have no other way to stop China from becoming bigger and stronger. America's imperial hegemony is losing, so now America's imperialists (those political elites and richs) want to use Taiwan and make it another Ukraine. They don't care how many Taiwanese or Japanese will die for it. Seriously, someone needs to stop them, right now! If we don't want any risk of WW3.

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