President Trump clearly condemns white supremacists

With the first round of debates wrapped up, the mainstream media rushed to Joe Biden’s rescue. They have insisted President Trump refused to condemn white supremacists.

OAN did some digging into President Trump’s statements from the past and want to let you see for yourself what the President really has to say on this issue.

You won’t hear these sound bites from the mainstream media, but OAN believes it’s important to deliver just the facts, so that you can decide where you stand on these critical issues.

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  1. Chris Wallace asked the exact same gotcha question in 2016. As a 20+ year registered dem, Chris Wallace was clearly carrying water fro Biden, SHAME!

  2. Dems always blame the things they themselves believe and do on others. That is their strategy/tactic on how to cover up themselves.Actually, the Damnocrats party is the party of Racist, Divisions, Criminal, Anarchist, Arsonist, Whiny, Resent and cancel culture, Fake News Enemy of the People, Corruption, Late Term Abortion, High taxes, Serial Liars, Traitors and Treasonist, Anti- Law Enforcement, Anti-American, Apologizing to the World, Pro-China, Pro- Iran and Terrorist, Big Government, Weaken and Demolition Our Military and our Democracy, Negativity and Do Nothing

  3. I am chris wallace of Fox News and I knew very very well that Trump has denounced the white supremacist and ALL HATE GROUPS IN ALL FORMS MANY MANY TIMES BEFORE, YET I, the so called professional moderator from Fox news push and pressure Trump to denounce white supremacist again and again just to SAVE biden from Trump's pressuring and pushing him to DENOUNCE THE ANTIFA. I AM JOE BIDEN and I TEAMED UP WITH chris debating Trump and we laugh about it, Trump exposed chris and the Electorate Commision, the dems and their leftist progressive agenda. They have been SLEEPING WITH ORGANISED HATE CRIME AND RACIST GROUPS FOR DECADES and ACCUSE OTHERS OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THE DEMS AND THE LFETIST SOCIALIST IS THE PARTY OF RACIST, DIVISIONS, HATE CRIMES, ANTI-AMERICA.HE is the WORST moderator and his being praise by the Electorate Commission for bringing professionalism to the debate is BS, very telling.

  4. MSMs lies continue then when found out keep lying and keep accusing regardless of what the President says OR does ?. MSM has lost all credibility with all us knowledgeable observant Americans??

  5. Looks like everybody is ok with Biden and Harris glorifying Antifa and BLM? They even bail those Terrorist groups out of prison, but that is ok? Antifa and BLM are rioting, destroying peoples properties and have been killing people and innocent children and that is ok?

  6. Weird, MSM is saying Trump didn’t condemn white supremacy. The left is a joke, this will get Trump re-elected because normal hinged people are sick of the lies and division.

  7. What "white supremacy"? What did Wallace mean by that? Are white supremacists rioting and murdering people, because BLM executed a young woman for saying all lives matter and killed a proud boy and celebrated his murder.

  8. He said "sure" he would denounce them, but never got around to it. He didn't seem happy about denouncing David Duke. Seemed annoyed and beaten down since he had such a hard time doing it.