President Trump Pardons Susan B Anthony and TDS strikes.

Adam shares his thoughts on President Trump pardoning Susan B. Anthony on the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment.

Written by Adamcast IRL


  1. This is cringe. This is simply adopting leftist moralism and then thinking you're opposing the left or something.
    What is this identity again? "Americanism"?

  2. "America is amazing" Those words made me realize, as an African American, how we take our freedoms for granted simply because we have not lived the hard times when this country was unfair to people that were not white and not of the male gender. We are lucky to be living in this day and age regardless of the brutality from certain police officers and racial conflicts and issues that still haunt this country, standing on the shoulders of giants that were black, white, Hispanic, Italian and other ethnicities that have worked hard to make this country as perfect as it can possibly be, overcoming biased laws and racial prejudices to get us, the new generation, where we are now.

  3. I hate to tell you this, but Tim sucks without you. He sucks so bad without you, I stopped watching and unsubscribed. I also hate to say this, but you are horrible without Tim. It even looks like you are doing this in a different corner of the same room. I doubt that there is anyway you can put your differences aside and go back to what the both of you were doing, but the both of you are going to fail without the other. I wish you the best of luck, but I won't be watching anymore.

  4. Bwahaha He caught the goose stepping feminist ideologues off guard with this action. So, "the resistance" ? ? had to respond saying, "Susan does not accept"? ? ? FUNNY. Anything is said or done by the red faced "resistance" to contradict DJT. ???? GO TRUMP 2020.

  5. "Don't pardon her because she didn't commit a crime."
    Pardoning is FOR specifically that purpose. (aka "We messed up charging you. You're not a criminal.")
    Commuting is for when they were guilty, but the sentencing is reduced. (aka "You did the crime, but I don't feel you should serve the time.")
    Idiots complaining about things they don't even understand. Sad.

  6. This narrative is flawed. Many women didn't want the right to vote because it comes with the responsibility to pay taxes and serve in military. Women should have the right to be exempt.

  7. See, all of these "liberals" didn't think to do these things like we'd expect so they dump on Trump when he does it. Trump also hired a woman to build Trump Tower. 1st woman ever to build a skyscraper.

  8. Its actually more interesting. Several women actually did not want to vote. Why? Because back then you had to serve. Like fireman duties and such. No joke. But women did not want o have to do that. That was one of the arguments of resisting it. Its not entirely because of sexism. There were more reasons.

  9. Liberal women are so miserable! By this woman Governor’s logic, no innocent person should EVER be pardoned because they never committed a crime. HOW did a woman with such inept critical thinking skills become a Governor?!?! ??‍♀️

  10. If Trump helped cure cancer the communist democrat elites would bitch because he put drs etc out of work . They make me sick

  11. America is amazing. As a woman, I personally think it’s a tragedy that I look bag on high school “social studies” and all I remember learning about the women’s suffrage movement is my leftist teacher saying they gave women the vote to lessen the impact of having to give voting rights to black men. Everything I have learned since then contradicts her assertion.

  12. Another Great video!!!! ☺️
    1) First of all, you are correct, it is honoring her!
    2) Secondly, the women's suffragette was a Republican movement and Democrats, (as always), were on the wrong side of History!
    3) And thirdly; TDS, (Which she suffers from), is a curable disease if treated in time! The first step is to relax, take a deep breath and let it out slow! The second step is to get off social media, ignore friends and family and avoid all alcohol and drugs! *Remember, TDS is easily triggered and highly contagious!* Then, research American History, (not the collegiate version), learn the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and Read about the Revolution and Civil War! If after all that you feel a calmness come over you and you feel less triggered or upset when things don't go your way then you might be on the road to recovery! The way to test it is turn on the TV and if Fox News, NewsMax or OAN are the channels you gravitate to then you're cured! If not; then Moving to Venezuela or China are your only options! The good news is it won't cost a cent, we will gladly pay your one way fare! Lol ?

  13. Trump pardon's some white trollop who died 114 years ago… exactly what good does that do ANYONE ya orange nutcase?

    yeah, nothing else on his plate at the moment I guess, raging pandemic and all. That clown needs to get his priorities straight …maybe he thought Susan got prosecuted for working for his crooked campaign.

  14. While I appreciate the musician’s side of you, I checked out some of your videos which is why I truly believe that you truly believe in what you say, I feel I owe it to you to explain why your logic can be damaging when it comes to the fundamental basis of social progress.

    First of all I believe it’s important to look at the act of pardoning someone as the equivalence of forgiveness. Would you want to be forgiven for something you did which not only you believed was not wrong at the time, but then turned out to actually have been more than the right to do all along? If anyone should be posthumously pardoned it should be the municipality or whatever administrative branch was actually responsive for arresting her. However, I still feel that they’d have to have displayed some level of being contrite in order to even know if they were sorry in the first place. Not sure how we would even be able to measure that posthumously.

    Unfortunately this also unveils another issue you talk about in the very beginning which is that some countries still don’t allow women to vote and that America is great because it allows women to vote.

    The fact that social conditions for certain groups of people are measurably worse off than in America does not automatically make it “better” in America. Social progress must be seen as the result of many social movements that are seldom able to triumph DESPITE the powerful forces suppressing them. Social progress can not be seen as the result of a few movements that reach their goals THANKS TO the support of the powerful elite.

    This might sound very pessimistic but I believe it’s important to instill this idea in ones mind in order to move forward.

    I can expand more on these topics. However, I would like to hear your thoughts and hope that you will give my perspective the same consideration I gave when watching your video.

    I’d also like to thank you for all the historical contextual information you presented.