President Trump posts full unedited ‘60 Minutes’ interview with Leslie Stahl (Full 38 minutes)

President Trump made good on his threat to release his own tape of his “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl.

They mad they can’t do that thing where they slice and dice out their awful interviewer’s performance and splice and dice Trump’s responses to make him look bad.

The White House on Thursday leaked an unedited tape of Trump’s talk with Stahl conducted at the White House two days ago. The conversation ended earlier than planned after Trump grew impatient with the CBS News correspondent’s persistent questions and follow-ups.

The White House taped the entire interview using its own camera for what it called “archival purposes.” But an agitated Trump threatened to have the interview released before the scheduled broadcast on Sunday to back up his claims that Stahl was unfair to him.

CBS News Statement:
The White House’s unprecedented decision to disregard their agreement with CBS News and release their footage will not deter 60 MINUTES from providing its full, fair and contextual reporting which presidents have participated in for decades. 60 MINUTES, the most-watched news program on television, is widely respected for bringing its hallmark fairness, deep
reporting and informative context to viewers each week. Few journalists have the presidential interview experience Lesley Stahl has delivered over her decades as one of the premier correspondents in America and we look forward to audiences seeing her third interview with President Trump and subsequent interview with Vice President Pence this weekend.”

Written by Bullshit Man


  1. Trump surrounded by yes-men. When pressed he’s exposed as the fraud and bully he is. (All Trump says is next question). He tries to push everyone around. This perspective of the interview makes him look like a bully. ?

  2. This whining harpy is beyond disgusting, even by MSM standards. They have zero self-awareness or shame. They don't feel the slightest bit of remorse or embarrassment for their shrill, piss-pants toddler antics. They're somehow actually smug despite just getting done humiliating themselves.

  3. I love this man but covid is a hoax. That's my only criticism of DJT. He does his part perpetuating the hoax. I voted for him and will again, but there is no pandemic.

  4. Trump: "Biden's in the middle of a scandal, and you say nothing".
    Swamp Hag: "No he's not. He's not! Also, no one spied on your campaign. We're 60 Minutes, and we only publish facts".
    – This is exactly the 'smug despite being humiliated' attitude I was just talking about. How could anyone possibly be that out of step with reality and desperately, confidently gaslight people as if there's not even a single point of contention?