President Trump supporters hold event in Nevada

President Trump’s supporters are holding an event in Nevada. The President is down in votes to former Vice President Joe Biden in the state.

Biden is projected to win the presidency and made a victory speech Saturday evening. Trump has not conceded the race to Biden and has multiple lawsuits out in closely decided races after mail-in votes overwhelmingly supported Biden.

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Written by WUSA9


  1. Are there really anyone here that believes that a:

    *Marked Biden van
    *In broad daylight
    *stops in an open area where people can just see them
    *just opens up a bunch of ballot envelopes with pen knives, without even trying to hide it
    *And then just delivers these ballots to the actual poll station without anyone in the polling station (which includes Republicans, by the way) commenting on the state of the envelopes…


    *they were seen by this heroic member of the public
    *Except he didn't think to bring out his camera and take as much as a picture, much less filming the entire sequence
    *Nor did he think to, say, write down the licence number of this mystery van

    Well? Are there?

    Trust me, they know this won't go to court. They're not even trying to pretend they have any actual real evidence going on. This remarkably incompetent and useless piece of election theater serves only two purposes:

    1) To help stroke the ego of "president" Snowflake as he is lying in the fetal position in the oval office, sucking his thumb, and
    2) Convince the extremely gullible without an ounce of critical thinking that something bad must have occurred.

  2. Everyone get together and cry about trump losing, while you are at it; chant more 3 word slogans. Go back to your hole/closet/or what ever rock you crawled out from.

  3. He's going out with the same chaos he ruled with, he's gone… he said he'd fight it and one thing we're sure of is he'll do cause chaos and confusion all the way out the door, the hall mark.of his presidency. But may God shut that down…

  4. Just Remember This Cheating can happen both ways they better get this count right im a Biden supporter and something is very very very fishy I don't want a President that cheats into the White House period……