President Xi Publicly Scolds Trudeau – Did Justin Poop His Pants? 😂 Viva Clips

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  1. From one communist to another- you are not following the correct protocol of veiled governance and facade. The epic hypocrisy of Trudeau's hollow pontifications claiming to speak for Canadians is completely lost upon the little potato while the big tyrant schools the little tyrant on how things are done. They are both utterly disgusting despots.

  2. The maskholes have come out of hiding in Canada recently since the Health Minster here strongly recommended it. It's easy to be able to tell who the COVIDIOTS are that voted for this bs!

  3. Looked like it to me. I said exactly this to my wife about how he walked away. It was a close call at a minimum.
    He almost fell down his knees were so weak. That alone is scary… Such an preposterous imposter.

  4. He ran off to the bathroom to hide in a stall and cry. Trudeau is an weak child trying to be an adult. He is not a leader of Canada he is a servant to his masters.

  5. It's a shame, Trudeau could of been so great I even voted for him his first term. Now I throw up in my own mouth thinking about that vote. Now I am all in for Pierre, Conservative Party member and voted him in. Trudeau is a disgrace. Such a wimp.

  6. Only VEEVS starts with an opening like this: "Let's start with the things that will make us laugh and then we'll get into the stuff that might end the world." Viva actually made me laugh after a statement like that!? 😂 It's a 'gift', Viva….a special gift.

  7. But will he learn anything?🤔
    Xi was right. Trudy blabbed from a private conversation. Xi just exposed to the world how fake Trudy is AND not trustworthy on the world stage. 🤷‍♀️🇨🇦

  8. Here is a YT comment pasted from a Chinese media version of this clip…

    Daniel WGKC
    As Trudeau walked away, you can hear this in Xi's voice said to his staff "Very naive" (很天真)

  9. @ 4:35, I see for the first time, the former substitute drama teacher’s hips are wider than his shoulders in his waist-cinched suit. It appears Trudy has already gone through gender reassignment surgery. What an absolute disgrace to Canadians Trudeau is!

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