Presidential Debate Ratings PLUMMET By Nearly 65%, Apparently No one Cared About Trump V. Biden

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  1. I watched on youtube off of someones feed. not sure how they will get rating for that. I think they were streaming from C-span as well so… networks?

  2. During the Republican Convention, MSNBC, CNN, and FOX were ALL interrupting the show to have their panel tell us they are lying. I don't need the MSM interrupting the show.
    I and maybe 1000 others were watching another YouTuber stream and comment. I'd guess many others did the same.

  3. Look I skip watching the debates. There is people like you, Styxhexenhammer, Bongino and Limbaugh that will give me an over view from their view points.

  4. tim .. careful with the you're just one dude claim you have a company .. you have people working for you .. don't downplay them nor act as something you aren't
    yes a year or 2 ago you where one due (iirc) but don't downplay those who work for you

  5. By and large people have already made up their mind. I don't think Trump is losing any votes. Trump is brash and a bully, and that's part of the reason why he won last time. And maybe because people have made up their mind, they won't bother watching the debates.

    The debates are a media event. So why help the media? Why give them a ratings boost?

    And NO MATTER WHAT, the media will not be fair to Trump. So why bother watching?

  6. EDIT: You should change the title to: TV Ratings PLUMMET, not just ratings. I suppose ratings are only available for TV? I'm not a native english speaker.
    Lies, I honestly think the ratings are soo split over many many channels, plus people did not want to watch them talk over eachother for 1.5 hours. It should've been more strictly moderated, but Trump'll be Trump as we all know. HELL YEAH everyone is watching online, through you, through crowder, through TYT, what are you on about mate. It's definitely highly watched, TV is just dying.

  7. I think allot of people didn't want to see an old frail idiot get circles ran around him. They knew what was going to happen and decided to just wait for the highlights reel.

  8. Probably people already made up their minds, plus they where watching online, and I think everyone would rather catch the highlights

  9. I bet that more people watched (not Live) on the internet. I even sent the link to friends for them to watch at their leasure. They can pause on go back.

  10. Tim, i think everyone is finally come to the realization that you cant rely on just the president of the U.S. There are so many issues that the clown house called congress should be addressing that people are wanting the "president" to resolve. Its not reality and i think people are realizing….im mean seriously please do some video reactions to the debates in clownhouse congress, our lawmakers are a joke to this country.

  11. I didnt watch the debate. I have never missed a debate before but I couldnt stand the idea of watching the moderator fight with trump. I knew I could get the highlights from you and others on youtube without having to yell at my tv.

  12. I always scroll past 10-12 videos that Youtube recommends me from Fake News outlets. When I searched for the debates in YT, the only non-Left media outlet I could even find a Livestream for was CSPAN. Fox didn’t even appear in my search results! This censorship is so obvious that a buffoon could sniff it out!

  13. They have been caught lying so often, why would anyone watch them? Add that to their bias, and you guys at your kitchen tables, are a far better show.

  14. Heh…it appears YT or FB is attempting to censor this video. I have tried to share it three different ways now, and I cannot get any of the details or preview image to show up. It just shows as bland link to youtube.

  15. We can all point fingers at Trump, But look back over the some 30 years he has been talking about needing a leader to LEAD us.. Against odds, he is somehow managing to keep promises he has made. As far as i can tell. he isnt betraying us.. he hasnt let us down. he said from the start that what he would have to do wasnt going to be the popular choice… and really going against the grain is never the easy choice. he is no more perfect or flawed than the rest of us. but he has shown us all that he can perform this duty we elected upon him. setting it up to be a face off between trump vs wallace /biden (in that order).. very, very much what so many of us expected.. and its sad.. genuinely sad.

  16. Many YT channels were live streaming the debate with the comments switched on. People watched the debates in their online communities.

  17. I tuned out after first ten minutes. It felt like it was not a debate as the moderator was not allowing any responses or counters from either sides. What we want is to see how the other party responses and counters to the other's narratives. The moderator is really terrible and ultimately made the debate really boring!