President’s Son Leaves Trail of Destruction | Hunter Biden Case Analysis

This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Hunter Biden?
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Written by Dr. Todd Grande


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  1. Joe Biden told the president of Ukraine to sack the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden or Ukraine would not get the $1 billion aid from the US. Hunter Biden and Zelensky are bankrolled by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. Joe Bribe'em and Hunter Bio'den. Welcome to 'democracy' US Empire style!

  2. As to his substance abuse and the accident he was kind of normal, perhaps the drug abuse was a subconscious effect to his father . I don’t recall any anxiety towards his father. They are a semi typical American family with nuance. If the old man was just some corporate lackey. Things would have been just fine, typical family with drama. Being a politician added a sense of grandiosity to everyone in the family. Brain damage and crack easily found him with criminal tendencies. Add the senator, and it ups the stakes considerably. Old man with larceny in his heart, as proved by his interruption of his own life with many high points. Upon investigation, biden lied throughout his entire life. He was not anything special. If not the lowest in his class, so naturally father and Don broke laws morals and other skeletons. Crime family for sure. Both are deserving of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Biden should die behind bars.

  3. Shouldn't Dr Grande's analysis be a dispassionate assessment of what may or may not be going on psychologically with Hunter Biden throughout his life? I thought Dr Grande would be above the sarcastic comments and judgements about drug use. No matter how spoilt, rich, corrupt, and entitled Hunter was and is, because he is only the tip of the iceberg and there are thousands if not millions just like him. It would have been interesting to examine how never being held accountable for his actions may have had a negative psychological effect on Hunter, or on anyone who has been brought up in similar ways.

  4. Corruption and favouritism is rife in the American Government, its endemic ! I I can't stand these so called leaders and there pathetic children. Do what I say. Not as I do! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. If any of Trump's kids had done 1/10th of what Hunter has and continues to do, the media would have put it on blast 24/7. That they willfully choose to ignore Hunter's antics says alot about the media. Not saying that Trump or his kids are faultless, but the blatant bias, dishonesty and hypocrisy of the media in their separate coverages of Trump and Biden just grinds my gears.

  6. I have so much respect for the fact that you can discuss the problematic behaviors of politicians as well as their family members when it's called for without giving an inclination of your own political beliefs. Thank you for being someone who shares what the facts are and for clearly explaining what is your analysis based on said facts.

  7. Actually that’s kinda a good excuse even if we all know it’s b.s. People do sometimes have a “lucky” cigarette in their pack especially if they are cocaine users. In fact it’s fairly common for cocaine users to have that upside down cigarette in their pack that had been loaded with a bump. My cocaine use was limited at best and I smoked only a couple of “lucky” cigarettes in my day, personally I hated them they tasted like smoking chemicals and smelled like that too, but some people liked them. So it is fairly common even if the good doctor here isn’t aware of the phenomenon and at least somewhat plausible of an excuse cuz a guy could accidentally bum you his “lucky” cigarette. I’m sure it’s happened before especially outside a nightclub. You usually turn it upside down so you know which one has the blow in it but accidents happen. However, we do all know that Hunters excuse is bull spit.

  8. I was just thinking the two Madoff sons were a lot more innocent than this SOP (Son of Power) and they're both dead as is his brother. Life is strange. 'Media ethics' is usually an oxymoron.

  9. I find it fascinating that we’ve been told how horrible President Trumps sons are and low and behold, it’s projection. The fake news fooled America.

  10. Fantastic, thank you for giving attention to the President’s son while explaining how the completely biased media jumped through hoops to cover for him and ultimately his father. There are many reasons why I cannot believe his father is President, and this is a big one. Had this been the former president’s son- I can’t even imagine what the media would have done with it, and we would never hear the end of it from them even today.

  11. The deadpan straight faced way you deliver these jabs make it all the more hilarious…How people don’t know these simple facts is disgusting 🤮! The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! You went light on Joe Biden and Hunter in this !!

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