Press Conference: Dr. Aseem Malhotra’s New Peer-Reviewed Papers Lead Calls for Immediate and “Comple

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra will present new evidence relating to the safety and efficacy of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. This will include analyses that answers the question ‘is there a link between these new types of vaccines and an increase in cardiac events?’


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  1. He starts well but as a public employee he filters things through the "corporations bad" mantra and can't understand that the ultimate cause of the problem is the government and political elites. Those elites do include powerful influencers such as Gates, Soros and Blair but ultimately they are part of the ruling "elite" by virtue of their economic and social/soft influence.

  2. Thank you thank you Dr Malhotra for putting your neck on the block for what is right. Something very rare in a person in these times
    We need to be able to break through with this information to the general public who are being brainwashed. It’s totally criminal
    😢 clinging on to hope

  3. The adverse reactions list at about time stamp 59:11 doesn't appear to have any neurologic adverse reactions. I have a friend who attributes her small fiber neuropathy to the booster shot, her third vaccine. Wouldn't it be nice if the only adverse side effect was temporary dandruff.

  4. no politician who has stood up and invested his ego in the vaxx is going to agree to this.

    after all their egos are the biggest part of them. they will NEVER agree to admit that they were wrong because gorging at the public trough has of course corrupted their minds and destroyed their consciences. Ego is ALL that remains to them

    and that is why they should be charged with crimes against humanity.

    even if the vaxx were safe and effective it is still experimental and they breached the Nuremberg Code for mandating it

  5. Evol We too are not vaccinated 👏👏👏we too have ostracised by family friends and our community. But we are now feeling like we are the Victors because many ,many have ongoing heath issues.

  6. Thank you! My late husband died, in Oct 2019, from wild type Amyloidosis. It's been in the back of my mind through all this. Hearing spike protein made me think of amyloid immediately.

  7. Very sad his father passed away under such tenuous circumstances, may he find peace in his mission while fulfilling his call-to-action to warn the public at large of this heinous miscarriage of justice and corruption. This all makes absolute sense and is well-cited and researched as disturbing as it all is.

  8. Dr Cole confirms what I’ve suspected for over 18 months that having a jab after being infected and attaining natural immunity negatively affects the body and it’s ability to fight off future sars-cov-2 infections. I’m pleased I held out and feel so much pity for all the people that simply offered up their arms without question. I know friends, that are highly educated that have suffered adverse effects and still cannot accept that the jab has been the main cause. Such a pity 😢

  9. Thank you all for doing what you do, for the research, for speaking up. For being compassionate caring human beings. These qualities are not just needed in doctors but in all of us. I agree that indifference is a serious problem in society. People have become unable to feel their feelings….. Why? Courage is an essential need or loss of self choice is experienced. I hope that excess deaths begin to subside but am not holding my breath. More compassion may be needed. What can one say about corporations. Sadly, their entire agenda is profit whether medical, food, energy, media even governments are really corporations, power and money and whatever agenda they each hold. Governments need a complete overhaul. Maybe they are all too big and hold too much power, so become unanswerable and unaccountable to the people. I don't know if they can change.. I guess if the people demand they change they will have to.

  10. Thank you so much for such an educational and inspiring presentation. I am in my mid 50s and not vaxxed and have had many conflicts with family and friends over this vaccine issue. This type of evidence based presentation is a great help in trying to red pill these people who have blindly followed the narrative. Let's hope this broken industry can be fixed before more innocent people die or get seriously injured.

  11. Dr Malhotra, it's too late to suspend mRNA vaccine. The damage is done, thanks to gutless and cowardly clowns practicing as cardiologists. Maybe you are one among this motley crowd propagating that the increase in recent deaths is due to alcohol consumption. Bask in a futile applause and sin in silence.

  12. Thank You for speaking out, these mandates, that are still in place in Australia, cost us our jobs and our family home. Just because we researched the vaccines and decided not to have them. Which of course is our constitutional right. We have friends that have lost so much more.

  13. I’m so proud of you guys! Your courage in the face of great adversity is exceptional! Like you, I find it completely shocking how few organisations are represented in the room with you! It makes me furious that there is zero appetite for knowledge, by the legacy media, the governments nor the people. I’m so proud of you guys and your fellow sceptical colleagues for standing in your truth and unwaveringly giving us the science and data over the last 2 years. As a non-medically trained health and wellness enthusiast I’m not sure how I’d have got through this without all your hard work and commitment to delivering us the REAL SCIENCE.

  14. I was very discouraged when he came out pushing the warp speed vaccines. I'm very pleased to see that he has woken up to the reality of the situation. I do hope that in time he will lose his wilful blindness in relation to traditional vaccines. It turns out the same lying corporate monsters he discusses here are responsible for the traditional vaccines. Does the Doctor imagine they acted any differently?

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