Press Freedoms UNDER ATTACK Around The Globe, US Misinformation Campaign DANGEROUS To Free Speech

Kim Iversen and Robby Soave discuss disturbing attacks on human rights and press freedom happening worldwide.

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  1. Everyone get your cameras out and stand for your rights. In US/CAN you have the freedom of the press under 1st amendment, and section 2 of the charter for Canada. Educate yourself on your rights, and start exercising them.

  2. Our government is not doing well with that either? Are we so used to our government cracking down information that we’re getting used to it and we are justifying it? Don’t do that

  3. Controversial comments now get people shadow banned even on Fox YouTube channels.
    I'm not talking about illegal or dangerous , rude, crude , indecent or hateful. Powerful minority groups now wield outsized influence over media.

    The tolerance we were once asked to extend to non traditional voices has not been reciprocated

  4. Free Julian Assange now!!!!
    the rest of us are getting ‘a mild version of the dose’ of what he has been put through in the last ten years… I suppose because we the people have let it happen (?) we are expendable as well

  5. All media is run by the same 13 families that run the world , the demonic satanic worshipping pysco elite aholes but it hasn't matter ppl are waking up to their agenda to control all of humanity. Wake up , Stand up Fight back , don't comply

  6. If you think that the CIA, USA government and the US establishment in general along with other western governments are not behind the instigation of these "protests" you are not informed enough to comment let alone offer criticism of the Chinese government in these matters. Kim, you need to be better informed before offering comparisons within the US. And, don't you think it matters a whole lot if the "allegations" are true? What do you mean by "they often aren't". Are you talking about allegations by the Chinese government or those of the US government. Why would anyone considered the US government more credible and what proof can you offer that the Chinese government's claims are false? Stop with the collectivist equals lack of freedom and individual rights BS. Totally misleading and false equivalency.

  7. You are marching "towards" the one narrative nation. The US is already there. As for Canada, we were there before you, thanks to our weak political leaders who are only too willing to bend over for their Globalist masters and a population which is unwilling to accept that the government doesn't always act the in their best interest and is too easily manipulated by the state controlled media.

  8. Don't worry, it's just going to be "2 weeks to flatten the curve". More than 700 days in, how much longer could this go on? Hint FOREVER. You comply because you want it to end. But it will never end BECAUSE YOU COMPLY.

  9. Lol. There DNA only knows capitalism & democracy. They can’t hide anything & only scream national security. When you have that hunter & gather DNA you don’t need follower & funding.
    A political identity are all the same. National security knows free will & consent.

  10. No. We have not been awful, Robbie. The US is an empire. They have assassinated foreign leaders and overthrown governments all over the world and destroyed economies by waging sanctions and economic warfare. This is old news. You should know better!

  11. Kim said, 'We are marching towards being a one-narrative country.' Umm, we already are. Go outside of that narrative and you'll be shunned and blocked from having any capacity to correct it.

  12. why the useless clueless fauci did not mandate vaccine for the 10 of millions of domestic pets farm animals zoo animals wild animals who are transmitting the virus more than human do

  13. Free speech in jeopardy? Perhaps the phrase “being crushed” is a better representation.
    Again, I don’t know that comparing self described dictatorships with the self described US, as the leader of the free world, where freedom is the ultimate trait is correct.
    Freedom is collapsing here in the US incredibly fast based on the government protecting us from a virus, that they have failed us at nearly every turn, and It will only get worse from here on out if history of the human race is any indicator.
    Maybe, this time it’s different. I just don’t see the good guys stepping up in any significant numbers to voice our rejection of this new world wide regime.

    Unfortunately, we will probably get what we deserve, lose of freedom and individualism.

  14. My respects to you guys for bringing up china. CCP's genocide and crimes against humanity is scrubbed out by mainstream media when Hong Kong and genocide of the uyghurs are taking place . Such atrocities shouldn't be ignored

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