Press Sec. Struggles to Hide Her Anger as Reporters Turn on Biden | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of press secretary Jen Psaki struggling to explain Joe Biden’s past lies about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. The scandal has new relevance due to the connection between Hunter Biden and Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina who has thus far escaped targeted Russian sanctions.


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Written by The Rubin Report

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  1. She meant there was a broad range of disinformation about the Russian collusion in 2020. Just like when people were let into the capitol on Jan. 6th were dangerous insurrectionists that have only been found guilty of trespassing in the people's house.

  2. Crimea was taken under the Obama and Biden administration basically consequence free Biden held US aid hostage to get the prosecutor fired in Ukraine that was investigating his son..

    Remind me who was colluding with Russia again?


  4. She used the 'F u" wave – bent hand, twisting around twice before disguarding the truth – it's a 'let them eat cake' move – this is why many just don't like her general dis-taste of the commoners.

  5. Doesn't make me "wonder" anymore, Dave, we passed that point a long time ago. Doesn't even lessen the credibility of this Admin since you can't score less than a zero. Just causes my teeth to grind harder, the smoke coming out of my ears thickens, and I see visions of horror as mankind is found guilty by divine judgement. The sentence for mankind's perfidy to include burning brimstone, exposure to extreme heat, and an eternal loop of "The Best of Pauly Shore".

  6. Time to-get real Jen the honeymoon is now well & truly OVER ! Time to get a taste of the questions your FAR more able predecessor Kayleigh Mcenany had to tackle EVERY SINGLE day ! I doubt you’ll survive .

  7. The question is ….. Will any of them ever have to pay for their crimes ? NOPE ! America is full of FOOLS who think the Republicans are the Evil ones. The Younger generation WANTS to end Free Speech ! Because of their (Feelings) ! Pot smokers actually believe they have legalized weed because they DID something . NOPE its to keep YOU DUMB ! And take all the MONEY ! They have convinced an entire generation that Klans men are somewhere making LAWS that discriminate ! Show us ONE GOD DAMN LAW ! The books are full of discrimination against White MEN . ASIANS, RICH PEOPLE ! ITS ALL A HOUSE OF LIES ! The Biden administration is corrupt to its CORE. As long as People can take advantage of others kindness THEY WILL !

  8. Jen Psaki is like that crazy ex-girlfriend who acted cute for a few months, but couldn't keep up the act, and now can't stop the raging bitch from shining through.

  9. Kayleigh McEnany faced this and more every time she stepped to the podium. The difference Kayleigh handled it with class but more importantly wasnt lying the whole time.

  10. The thing about Jen Psaki, she's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When she stands up there at the podium it's like she isn't even living. And then when she lies, and those black eyes roll over white.

  11. You heard it wrong. What she said was "There was a Broad full of disinformation . . ." So what we need to know now is, was she talking about Kamala Harris or Hillary Clinton?

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