Pretending to Care About Ukraine – A Rant

Relax, guys. Kamala’s got this.
‘This’ being a wine cooler and a set of well-worn kneepads.

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Written by The Rageaholic

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  1. Honestly, I kind of am convinced it's all backwards, that US, NATO has been fucking with Russia for a long time. They basically wish they didn't exist. So this idea that Russia is the imperial power desiring to take over Europe is stupid, when NATO has expanded every 7 years to including practically every country in europe except Russia and those around it, seemingly with the only purpose to be against Russia, a struggling nation in contrast to the west. The worried part of me has a disturbing thought that this is all planned, and the plan is basically to push Russia to its limits until finally it acts out like it is now, and then do these sanctions to make Russia even worse off, then bring some military near Russia until Russia finally does something drastic, then start WW3 and just bombt he fuck out of everything. I don't know what else their plan is.

  2. Biden and the Democrats are doing there CCP overlords bidding to push Russia into the arms of the CCP while weakening both the US and Russia.

    Biden and the Democrats also created this fiasco as a distraction from Bidens failures at home and abroad now the CCP licking its lips at Taiwan.

  3. Does anyone else need MORE confirmation that Biden meant business as usual for the plutocracy? Almost everyone here called it before the ballots were finished being stuffed but normies have to get it by now right? Right? Fk me they don't.

  4. 1:02 What's even more delicious, Occupy Democrats are now pro 2a for an armed citizenry. "BREAKING: Ukraine's Interior Minister announces that 10,000 automatic rifles have been handed out to the civilians of Kyiv as they prepare to fight tooth and nail to defend their homes against Putin's invasion. RT IF YOU STAND WITH THE BRAVE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE!" – Feb 24"

  5. Now that i'm hearing that Trump threatened to immediately nuke Moscow if Putin tried anything on his watch, i'm starting to believe that the, 100% proven false flag (The 'chemical weapons' were haphazardly placed empty casings with no trace of toxins; some even inside buildings with no visible point of entry, there is even video evidence of 'white helmeted' men placing them), fake chemical weapon attack in Syria was Putin seeing if Trump meant it.

  6. Saw this excellent comment on Coach Red Pill's comment section (he's currently in Kiev, accidentally caught up in this):
    A summary of what's happening in Ukraine/Russia
    In 2010, Ukraine elected Viktor Yakunovych as president. The West (US & EU) were not happy with these events as they saw the new president as too aligned to Russia.

    Before Yakunovych's election, Ukraine had a free trade deal in the pipeline with the EU. But in 2013, Yakunovych did a 180° and refused to sign the deal, favouring closer ties with Russia.
    In November 2013, led by Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, the US fomented a Colour Revolution (called Euromaidan) which led to a coup in Ukraine. Yakunovych was overthrown.

    Leaders in eastern Ukraine declared allegiance to Yakunovych. This led to anti-government protests in February in 2014 and a referendum in Crimea where 97% of respondents voted to Return Crimea to Russia. In March 2014 Crimea had a referendum to leave Ukraine (Crimea was actually an autonomous region within Ukraine, and a legal "loophole" let them do it), and then voted to rejoin Russia.

    Meanwhile, the new post-coup Ukrainian government proposed a Bill to remove Russian as an official language. Russian speakers in East Ukraine were angered about this saying ethnic Russians were in imminent danger.

    In early 2014, Russia started sending support to Russians in the eastern regions of Ukraine (Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, and Odessa) who now demanded independence from Ukraine.
    In April 2014, the mainly Russian-speaking regions of Donetsk and Luhansk broke away from Ukraine and proclaimed themselves as separate Republics.

    Also in early 2014, Russia started performing military exercises on the eastern Ukrainian border just as NATO was doing the same in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, who share borders with Russia.
    In September 2014, Ukraine and Russia signed ceasefire agreements in Minsk, Belarus, to end hostilities in east Ukraine.

    Despite the Minsk agreements, from 2014 to date, continuous battles have been waged between Ukrainian forces and Luhansk and Donetsk separatists over territory in the Donbas region in violation of the agreements.

    Along with the armed conflict, the EU and US imposed International sanctions against Russia. The sanctions led to the collapse of the Russian currency and caused economic damage to EU countries. By 2016, Russia had lost an estimated $600 billion.

    In 2017, the UN published a report stating that the EU countries were losing about "3.2 billion dollars a month" due to the Russian sanctions.

    In March 2021, President Putin ordered the Russian military to mobilise troops near its border with Ukraine and in Crimea. In November, Russia deployed vessels to the Black Sea to "observe" US warships. Putin said the US ships were "a serious challenge"

    In November 2021, the Russian Ministry of Defence said "The real goal behind the US activities in the Black Sea region is exploring the theater of operations in case Kyiv attempts to settle the conflict in the southeast by force".

    From mid-January, 2022, the US started announcing that Russia would invade Ukraine, stating that an attack could begin before the conclusion of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing in February.
    In January 2022, NATO began providing weapons including anti-armour missiles and other US-made weapons to Ukraine. On 22 January, the US delivered 90 000 kg of lethal weapons to Ukraine. The Netherlands and Spain also deployed forces to the region in support of NATO.
    In February, the US sent soldiers to Germany and Poland to boost NATO's presence in Europe, along with F-15 fighter jets to Romania. Britain also deployed soldiers, warships and jets to eastern Europe.

    On 21 February, the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, requested Putin to officially recognise the republics' independence. Putin agreed and signed Russia's recognition of the republics and ordered troops to be sent there.

    On 22 February, Boris Johnson announced sanctions on Russian banks and individuals. Germany announced suspending the certification process of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. EU foreign ministers blacklisted all Russians who voted in favour of the recognition of the breakaway regions.

    On 24 February 2022, President Putin announced the beginning of a "special military operation" in the Donbass region.
    This is where we are now…

  7. Yeah they do love worshipping gods who eat kids in DC. Because they drink kids blood,screw kids and eat kids in Washington. Praise KEK
    Russia respects strength. They don't respect weakness.

  8. Okay, if there is even a single Republican who has a vestiage of doubt about Romney's subversive, anti-American, unconservative nature, his trashing of "America first" should remove it all. The man is a snake, plain and simple, and needs to be primaried out of office.

  9. By golly sir, you have it all, Ad hominem, Appeal to accomplishment, Appeal to ridicule, Poisoning the well, Appeal to fear, Argument from incredulity, Fallacy of the single cause, Kettle logic,……..ext……yep, you have it all.

  10. so YT will probably delete this, so i won't too much effort into this, but…
    the west fights what is called a 'limited war' which means that we send troops and supplies into a small region and leave the military machine producing war intact as they pour troops and material into the region, and attack our supply lines. this means military action costs a ton, both in manpower (casualties, and live bodies to keep things ticking) and in industrial output (such as food to feed people and stuff to make roofs for those that get bombed into rubble as well as bullets and missiles). since we have a long supply line we pay more than Russia. since our GDP is higher we pay more than Russia for that reason as well. this means that if we send troops and keep things stupid then we drag the war out and keep it in the area of the people we are 'defending' causing damage to them (again this includes people as well as stuff) while it goes on without actually trying to stop the enemy from fighting the war. if Ukraine is willing to fight for their freedom then they can conduct guerrilla warfare, which isn't the most coordinated type of warfare. if we send troops in we will have a ton of logistics to maintain, and that requires a lot of coordination, which means that we will probably not be able to fight well alongside the Ukrainians. this means that by sending troops we would impair their ability to defend themselves and drag the war out in a costly fashion for the Ukrainians. as far as the end of the war this is a matter of what the dominant political entities are on each side, which one is Russia (not the 'independent' nation they recognized) and the other is either 'NATO' (the US with some caveats) or Ukraine depending on if we send in troops. that means that if we send in troops Russia has to get NATO to want to sue for peace on Russia's terms. that means that Russia will most likely have to attack the NATO countries directly, at least to bring the war to them and get them to want peace. if Ukraine is negotiating on its own behalf (if we don't send troops) then it fully has to do with the will of its own people to continue to fight against Russia on its own soil.

    i haven't even gotten into anything regional like the winters or past grievances between the two and we can see that sending troops means most likely giving Ukraine to Russia in a costly way for us as well as Ukraine. heck that doesn't even get into the CCP connection and how things around the globe will most likely snowball if we mishandle this whole thing (which is far more likely if we send troops). you don't have to be an isolationist to not want to send troops to Ukraine, just not a useful idiot (or just plain idiot). personally i would mobilize forces into the pacific and not into Ukraine right now (not very isolationist) and step up defense against the other powers that want to make a move when we get tied down in a war with Russia. hopefully that will deter them and there won't be more war, but we should be in position for more war.

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