Prices are Skyrocketing #CostofLiving

#CostofLiving #Shopping #HeiseSays
Prices are just going up higher and higher.


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  1. I generally don't pay attention to the price of things…but even I have noticed the prices going up.
    $14 a kilo for chicken thigh fillets. They were previously around $10.

  2. The shit will hit the fan now people will lose their jobs and their assets, and the savoir will be UBI in form of CBDCs where you can only buy what the government lets you buy , if you are an obedient citizen.

  3. Buy local, shop local, buy fresh, no processed foods, grow what you can (even in 3 styro boxes on a 2m balcony will grow all your salad for everyday lunches), stop buying new clothes, keep wearing what you already have, recycle, repair, reuse, eat less but don't eat cheap crap, don't buy a coffee every day, have it as a weekly treat, take coffee in a thermos to work, eat at home, invite friends to share a basic meal, take your lunch to work, shop close to home, go out only once per week, relinquish your subscriptions, do gardening for a free hobby and exercise, play cards or do a jigsaw at home instead of going to the pictures and Maccas after, tell the kids to pull their heads in when they demand and want, want, want, make them earn it by doing the minor household chores, teach them the value of money and free labour exchange, buy only half as much beauty products, I could go on and on. BTW I do all this stuff mentioned and so much more.

  4. The problem thats going to drive inflation up is that people earning middle high to high incomes are going to pay $2000 to 12000 less tax starting next year, this tax cut will drive up inflation.

    The govenment just pumped hundreds of millions of helicpter money into economy including superannuation and allowed bad private debt, after pay and credit.

    There is heaps of cash out there and lots of demand, but short supply. Goods can't get in fast enogh, (cars, building materals white goods ex…).

    We are getting close to a physical cliff. But what people forget is, even at worst houses drop 60% and food and goods quadruple in price and petrol hits 2.75 a litre and interest rates go to 9.75% in the next 18 months.. the economy will correct its self plato out. and we will survive.

    Whats important is we unite and take care of each other during the hard times ahead.

    The tide comes in, the tide goes out. Such as life, boom bust.

    Everything ends badley othwise it wouldn't end, but the end is the start of a new begining.

    Hang on people we going to hit some bad turbulence, the sooner the better and the sooner we can correct and return to a fair, just and resonable normality.

  5. I laughed out loud when the "experts" at the FED said inflation was transitory. Meanwhile our own "experts" at the RBA left rates at 0% for wayyyyy to long. Now instead of raising them slowly over the last 6-12 Months and allowing people time to adjust they are going to skyrocket to the moon fast and cause a lot of pain for households. That's our "experts" for you.

  6. Andrews government will be amending a bill so it will be illegal for Victorians to grow food. They know massive food shortages are coming. Wont be long until food processing plants start catching fire like in u.s

  7. Goal of left communist tax private sector to hell so they can't afford to keep the home & business = more reliant on government tit .. socialism policy caused this 40 yrs not capitalism

  8. Keep an eye out for the trading reports of the supermarkets and track their profits ……… any significant increases over the last two years, should be questioned.

  9. I have been telling people about inflation will go up and I was ridiculed I guess when I was telling people to stock up on food I was laughed at serves people right I was prepared many people are not and gold, silver will rise not that concerned. We are now in a depression people just don't know it yet! All this to destroy the economy and bring on CBDCs. But don't worry about it people will never happen in Australia lol

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