Pride Event HALTS Child Drag Show After Sponsors Pull Out Amid Major Backlash

Allie Beth Stuckey
@conservmillen (Twitter)

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  1. so… I was just on facebook marketplace just now looking at desks and chairs etc while I listen to this video and all of a sudden there is a facebook advertisement right there with the ads for a bookcase and a vintage radio for male enhancement pills…with a couple of actual naked men dicks out in my face…. wtf
    I have never googled that, or anything even remotely related… and why actual naked dudes??
    what did I do to deserve this?

  2. Its sad because if you look at how the Roman empire progresses from an age of manogamy, and then open gay an lesbian acceptance then on to child sex slaves. If this is evolution I think we are clearly going down hill fast now an if you remember the story it does not end well.

  3. 7:22 yaknow I dont think he does. He kind of represents an ideology that someone doesnt agree with but he is also a person. A person who's ideology I certainly dont match. He's not a Christian, I dont know how else to put it.

  4. Banks only care about pride since OWS. They took all the leftists that were made at them and "domesticated" them by dangling woke issues in their faces as a distraction from financial troubles.

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