Prime Minister hides embarrassing Voice answer from official transcript

Earlier this year Albo had an embarrassing interview with Ben Fordham where he admitted he hadn’t even asked Australia’s Solicitor General for legal advice on the Voice to Parliament.

But when the transcript of the interview was published, this embarrassing admission had been removed from the record of the interview. Genuine mistake or erasing the record because it is politically inconvenient?

Written by Malcolm Roberts


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  1. We all know that our governments are full of political corruption liars thieves cowards no trust no honour no respect where is the honesty from our two faced wanker politicians

  2. The Labour Party are a disgrace. The Voice is a waste of time and money. The government is using the Voice as a distraction from the real issues that face the majority of the population.

  3. I Long for the Day when the playing Field is Levelled!
    And we live in an Honest World!
    When the Truthful one Returns!
    If they get away with this,who is not to say, more ground in Society is given to the LGBTQi Cult!

  4. Malcolm standing up against these lying dogs. Just spin it how you like Penny, we know you love China and "The Great Reset". Dividing us more is exactly what Klaus wants. Keep fighting.

  5. . The government wants to Turn AUSTRALIAN National Park's and Crown land into Corporations 💱💴. China would like that.
    China now runs old British African colonies, Remember what happened to RHODESIA
    Will EU countries take back there Australian Christian colonizers is the question ⁉️

  6. Considering there are reportedly eleven Federal politicians who are indigenous can someone enlighten me as to their role in the parliament if it is not to represent their constituents?
    Do they exclude their indigenous constituents hence the need for a ‘Voice’?

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