Primo & Kim Iversen Disagree on Eviction Moratorium

In this extended clip from PRIMO RADICAL #244, Primo and “Rising” co-host Kim Iversen disagree on whether or not the eviction moratorium should be extended.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. Hey @Primo Radical since this is confusing for you let me inform you on why the Dems are going to lose the midterms as Kim Iversen's political 'insight' is very surface level at best. The Dems are going to lose the midterms intentionally because it maintains the illusion of the US being a representative democracy when it's in fact a corporate oligarchy.

    Now since you probably don't see how the US being a corporate oligarchy plays into congress/senate races individually I'll elaborate. Each individual Democrat that's up reelection would arguably prefer to win their races. However the Dem party as a whole is not going to produce the progressive policy that would lead to a Dem victory by a landslide because it's hooked on corporate donations. So individually each Democrat in office has to coordinate with Dem leadership to produce corporate policy.

    And if that means they'll lose in their individual reelection campaigns? So be it. They are MORE than willing to take that risk because (this is the important part!) they'll STILL have a job even if they lose their elections. As long as you can fund raise big dollars from big donors it simply doesn't matter if you lose your reelection bid as you'll just be reassigned within the corporate oligarchy to new (and often more lucrative) position. These new positions are political strategists, political consultants, and corporate lobbyists.

    This is called the revolving doors of politics and it's EXACTLY why the Dems don't overall care about losing in the midterms. In fact it's part of the plan as it gives them cover for achieving NOTHING within the Dem party platform as now they can use the Reps as scapegoats for not pursuing progressive policy.

  2. I'm from the UK and have seen many instances of people using the system but at least they got healthcare and weren't begging on the streets. They have also been a small minority and weren't that big a burden. One of the problems is that society is dysfunctional and these benefits aren't fixing that but the answer is fixing the system not putting the burden on those at the bottom. That was really depressing.

  3. Kim expresses a logical point, but the way she is expressing it comes across wrong. She's saying that more pressure needs to be placed on the government, since they were given the money to help these people. But that instead they have kept the money and passed on the problem to the working class to sort out for themselves. Which is true.

  4. “They’re not really hard up”. So that’s your criteria? Simply needing help or being in a position where the relief efforts will give some comfort or relieve some stress isn’t good enough?

  5. You ridiculous woman. “Say hey, I’ll come back now but here’s the deal…”
    And in the meantime, while the evil, selfish masses take a stand and refuse to settle for less than what they deserve, they reasonably use the tools that their caring government is providing.

  6. Kim, you poor effin baby.

    Your student loans are keeping you from buying a house. And it’s nice to be able to get ahead now that your student loan is on hold or whatever. Sounds like you’re TAKING ADVANTAGE.

    But, yeah. Stop the $300/wk., stop the eviction moratorium. Before the pandemic people were getting evicted anyway.

    Families on the street are not our problem. Those billions and billions of dollars the states have been given should what, be
    dispersed by the citizens who need it?

    How can you be so goddamn cold and self-centered?

  7. Kim Iverson, when Derek Chauvin was sentenced for murdering George Floyd, attempted to claim that black people get justice for police abuse more often than any other group of people…

    BLINDLY ignoring the fact that black people are murdered by police more often, abused more often, wrongfully arrested more often, and are hospitalized by police more often than any other group.

    Her POV was that black people should, more or less, count their blessings because other groups have it worse. She is a total right winger, but grifts as a lefty for clicks.

  8. Come on people, do you really think places like (MSNBC, or The Hill) are going to Hire Real deal "Lefty's" to their Programming in the 1st Place?, btw Automation will be coming regardless, the 2nd it becomes CHEAPER then Labor in general, it will be implemented!, & Finally she basically said, Workers would be "Less Happy" receiving a UBI, as opposed to what "Wage Slavery", another words, being forced to work through threat of (Homelessness & Starvation) is preferencial to a UBI, personally i don't think so!, btw people who say stuff like this, Tend to have pretty comfortable Jobs that Pay really well, like for example, "Working for THE HILL" lets say.

  9. Wtf…people have seen trillions go to the wealthiest they see the dems could not even pass a living wage. They see a corrupt political and economic system they see in Europe and elsewhere how well they took care of their people….so anecdotally? you’re living in a bobble head lady

  10. So, Kim wants people forced to go work for small businesses for low wages and no benefits so the owners can prosper? Really? How about this? Run those businesses as collectives so that workers have a stake in the business, the work as well as the profit. I have a feeling they would go to work then. Forcing people into situations of exploitation is not a great idea.

  11. I got confused with Kim's complaint connecting AirB&B with eviction moratorium. She says that States have plenty of money to solve the housing problems, people taking advance of the system and not willing to work. What she says is not true.

  12. Her argument is that of a domestic abuser. You have to give up these programs that are helping you and come slave away in these mom and pop shops because the alternative is automation and Amazon

  13. So Kim, if you have the money to pay your student loan but they said you didn't have to are you taking advantage of this?

    My wife and I were evicted from an apartment in Brooklyn. Not because we were bad or didn't pay but because some rich family bought the house.

    Stop picking on people who have an opportunity to make life better for themselves. The people see that everyone feeds from the trough but them.
    For the past year some people got a chance.
    I applaud them for taking it!
    Peace and solidarity!

  14. "If people can't – or don't even want to – pay for stayig somwhere, they are all just criminals and don't deserve to sleep safely anywhere! – especially not under the bridges in my neighbourhood! It's good if the police does something about it: We have to help the landlords!" Ohh, Kim…

  15. 100% agree with Kim. I know so many small landlords that are getting hosed by people refusing to pay rent, even though they're making more in unemployment then when they were working. How is it fair to be forced to give people free housing when the mortgage still has to be paid. Forcing small landlords to have to foreclose as a result of deadbeat renters is a gift to the likes Blackrock just waiting to swoop in. This is just another wealth transfer to the rich. I can't see how it's constitutional or legal for anyone to void or suspend property contracts.

  16. Extremely disappointing, Kim. Housing is a human right. Everyone should have safe affordable housing whether they have the money for it or not. That's why we should have public housing as an option. Rent relief benefits are not easy to access if there are language barriers, if they are undocumented, if they have mental health issues, and on and on. You're anecdotal evidence doesn't cut it. The plebs "taking advantage" of benefits isn't a bad thing, it's a teeny tiny bit of freaking justice when they've been extracted from and robbed by the 1% for decades. 3 million people shouldn't be evicted every year as a "normality", Kim, because they should have stable housing. If someone is committing crimes do you really think that would stop their crimes? WTF is wrong with you? It just passes the buck to other people. Let's say it's a domestic violence issue that requires community intervention to stop the violence…in that situation we need to provide MORE safe housing to whoever needs to get out of that situation. We need MORE PUBLIC HOUSING, Kim, not less. And no one needs to be evicted and moving in the middle of a pandemic especially poor vulnerable people of which I know many and I am one of them.

  17. Kim's getting to an important point. What are these fucks gonna do when they figure out that they don't need people anymore? Are they gonna give us ubi or will they tell us to move under a bridge? I'm guessing the latter. If we had a democratic/ equatable society, perhaps that wouldn't be so.

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