PRIMO RADICAL #245: Max Blumenthal

In this interview, journalist Max Blumenthal discusses Big Tech censorship, divisions on the American Left, and his fears regarding the prospect of vaccination passports. Max also takes patron questions on a variety of topics, including his father.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. Another left wing show that has ZERO to say about the social crime of our lifetime … the government mandate that is sending tens of millions of children to COVID infested schools to get infected, sick, transmit and die by the millions. This is the intentional mass infection of the nation's children with a virus than causes permanent lung, heart and brain damage. And this left-wing show is ranting about a parasitic drug. 2,000+ people are dying every day. Leftist should be demanding public health policy to save lives, not yammering about a rap star and a cage fight announcer. The way to end government related COVID intrusions into our lives that decay liberty is to end the pandemic! It's a capitalist LIE that we must live with the virus. One only needs to look at China. 0 deaths in 6 months or longer.

  2. Max has been corrected over and over on twitter but is too ideologically dense to input the correct information. Vaccinated people are less likely to transmit than non-vaccinated. Also, vaccinated people are less likely to create mutations. When Max states simply that vaccinated people transmit he's intentionally misstating the truth. He's doing this on a variety of covid issues.

  3. Australia
    Had the brain drain from the 70s
    As we sold off our natural resources
    Where smart people were marginalised to the point many left the country, invented/developed tech and ended up selling those natural resources back to Australia at ridiculous mark-up
    We never really got on board with tech politically culturally, even though many Aussies were involved in creating it,
    Now our population average intelligence is laughably low, been declining since 70s leading to the coining of the term brain drain
    So with the fascist like lockdowns mandates quarantines etc clear corruption and consistent bungling, and yet this Govt is in its third term and could possibly gain a fourth term, it's staggering how bad things got in a short time but even worse, we keep voting for it !

  4. One experiment, look for controversial topics such as state secrets, you find–more specifically–won't find critical reports or analysis. Very disturbing. The example comes from the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2015 where HR4168 included the collection of private information (using the word non-public) in the language.

  5. if he wants to approach that subject journalistically, maybe don't jump onto the same bandwagon as avi yemini without getting his head around what might be happening in melbourne. Care to comment on Victoria's interest in China's Belt and Road initiative?

  6. I'm a fan of Primo and Max but Max really pisses me off when he talks about covid. He says in this vid that vaccines don't protect others from transmission, which is blatantly untrue, these kinda of statements are not good for public health

  7. On the Nicki Minaj topic: we shouldn't get too excited until we see whether she becomes "converted" from the White House call. It would be a great PR move to get someone like her to "change her mind".

  8. Max, you are important voice for the real left. Since 2020, I watched COVID gaslight the left into insanity. But now some are waking up to the reality. It was funny to watch the right, who are usually wrong about a lot of issues (especially war and imperialism), be totally awake to everything relating to COVID. It was very fascinating. The left and the right need to work together, and fight back before the governments become total totalitarians.

  9. Richard Wolff also did an excellent video on the Rational and Irrational of anti-vaxxers. Wolff argues that because the vaccination corporations are for profit, there is distrust in them which is justified, and a distrust of government. However, that's due to capitalism. If we could develop a vaccination that was a non-profit, with no corporations involved, instead of a corporate controlled for profit vaccination, then there would be a lot more trust and it would be less insidious. No matter what happens, with vaccinations, with social distancing, with masks, because america is a failed state covid will annihilate our society. There has always been a large segment of anti-science know nothings also in america- it's part of our DNA. Now if the government can mandate you to get a driver's license when you want to drive a car; forced to buy insurance to drive a car (but not forced to buy health insurance); if the government can mandate you in a draft to serve in the military in an unjust war; are all of these things comparable to a vaccine mandate? Maybe yes, maybe no, it really doesn't matter because at this point, Covid will keep spreading, and america will keep collapsing, nothing is going to stop that. Mr. Wolff is well aware

  10. my thoughts on covid- there should be humility. Whether it's those who scream that wearing a mask is fascism, laughably, when something as simple as this can obviously protect you; to those screaming that ivermectin is the wonder drug of all wonder drug, I just get tired of everybody making themselves a medical expert; that doesn't mean I trust the establishment, but I live next door to an elderly couple who got covid and one of them died- this thing is real, viruses have been around forever as pandemics have also; suddenly everyone asserting their "expertise", lab leaks theories, etc… just becomes so tiresome. I also don't care when really rich celebrities get covid or what they do for it

  11. Do people under 30 with no comorbidities and perfectly willing to use masks and be tested regularly want an mRNA vaccine or do they feel they have to take one? Is this a forbidden question? Can we ask them, and allow them to answer honestly?

  12. 40:00 THIS is what I find unbearable. Forcing human beings to reject the simple fact of human mortality is emotional torture. It's also grossly biased. What if you believe in reincarnation? Plato and Socrates thought it was possible. Billions of non-Western peoples believe in it.

  13. The host just sits there like a stone while Max repeats the anti-vaxxer lie that the vaccines don't prevent transmission. All the vaccines are very effective at REDUCING TRANSMISSION, preventing infection which REDUCES TRANSMISSION and therefore limiting mutations. These are indisputable facts which Max has been told repeatedly on twitter. Yet he sticks verbatim to the right-wing script. He's not being a brave independent journalist. He's intentionally repeating misinformation. And I'm politically FAR to his left. So don't put me in any of your imagined categories.

  14. the Left has been waking up to the narratives being pushed with Covid. I have hope for humanity now since I thought early last year something wasn't right about what was happening. I had voted for Bernie in 2016, and was ready to fight for him in 2020. So I was never just some "dumb" Trump supporter who was anti-vaxx or something. But looking at the power of propaganda, and buzz terms, PR, psyops, linguistics, you name it, I knew by watching and reading the media in March 2020 this was something that may had been planned…

  15. What Max says about the covid certificate is unverified crap that comes from cynicism pervasive on the left where we hit at establishment because we hit at establishment. Covid certificates being issued in Europe, for instance, are not just for vaccines but can also be for Covid recovery (Natural immunity). And furthermore, in places like Portugal, with high rates of vaccination, the requirements to present the certificate are limited to very specific circumstances. So this idea of control that Max talks about, is unverified and has no solid basis in reality for now. Might come to fruition in the future, but not right now. Assuming that what might be, already is, is cynical and speculative and only serves either for leftists to show they're smarter and ahead, or to just hit out at the establishment for whatever is done. Any credible journalist will stay away from Covid, because we will only know the full scale of the rights and wrongs in ten years maybe. Then we hear people akin to Max crying about being the target of attacks because they were blatantly wrong about past issues. The same will happen with a lot of people on the left because of Covid.

  16. Also the eagerness for a Nixonian esque eugenics experiment on the Diné (Navajo) population by Fauci sure seems odd. Not to mention a lot of these tribal chairs take a lot of grant money from federal ran health services. Reasons why tribes need to break from the US and show their anti colonial/imperialist teeth against the western world which exploits us and buys out certain people to keep us in the capitalist loop even if a lot of our own economies are piss poor and won’t adapt outside casinos in the middle of nowhere which make less money than say, food sovereignty, marijuana/hemp, and other trading services which definitely would benefit more tribes than gambling havens

  17. People like Aaron Mate are showing their cowardice by not doing their due diligence on the covid narrative. People like him and Katie Halper are scared to death to be put in the same circle as a Alex Jones. Jones is a schill and exists to muddy the waters and present real conspiracies as absurd but that shouldn't stop so called real journalists to claim up from fear

  18. Max, it's more than censorship that has caused a lot of people on the Left to become Fake Left.
    A lot of people have been brainwashed and actually believe the LIEs from the Oligarchy Predatory Class. They are the ones who have become the Fake Left.

  19. The True Left Independent Media that I'm aware of so far are Max Blumenthal, Primo Radical, Convo Couch, Slow News Day, Niko House, and maybe a couple more.
    Outside the True Left, there's TLAV, Whitney Webb, James Corbett, Jason Bermas.

  20. The people I know on the "right" who question the covid narrative & the jab are very well informed by the doctors & scientists who are speaking the truth.
    So, Max, I'm disappointed in you for falling into some weird categorizations of various groups on the "right."

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