PRIMO RADICAL #251: Jimmy Dore

The most subversive voice in independent media, Jimmy Dore, returns to discuss my recent interview with Noam Chomsky, vaccine propaganda, and the capture of fauxgressive news outlets by big money. We discuss why I asked Noam Chomsky about TYT, and reflect on the electoral prospects of Nick Brana’s People’s Party and Andrew Yang’s Forward Party. Jimmy also takes numerous patron questions.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. The reason the poverty victim homeless seem criminal, is because "out of the shadows" surprise criminals shed cooties on them (you know the thing) glass cleaner can't just squeegee away.

  2. Jimmy seems to have a hidden agenda, as his analysis seems to be too angry to capture genuine clarity. Oversimplification, fueling "anti-" people, getting caught up in the uncertainty of all the chaos. Priorities are off, his framing is misleading.

  3. I was so happy to see Jimmy air your clips!
    I really hope that brings more people here!
    Kudos to you both, true voices of left leaning media!

    Like you both said, it's not about agreement, but conversation and bridging gaps, so we can challenge the real power structures

  4. Jimmy always a good listen/rant. Right /Left need to unite. Congress is just there to make us feel we have choices: we don't. Do nothing corp-Dems will continue to do what they do best: nothing. Not about public health/ science, big pharma owns congress. But hey, how about those roads and bridges…

  5. Incessant dangerous secret psych majors club hive begging Government for just one colossal spoiled community toy, finally got the WallStreet for their sandbox, and they KEEP BREAKING IT. Who's lame?

  6. Remember TYT is not independent media and never was. Cenk Ugyur was on Air America and MSNBC. Sam Seder too was on Air America. These people have never been independent media, if they were they would of never been allowed on either of the two. What has really interested me is why don't the Greens, PSL, or whomever else makes up the small independent left have their own media outlets to promote themselves?

  7. Chomskys point was that by being unvaccinated you risk taking up an icu hospital bed thereby denying someone else emergency care, killing them

  8. Dr. Eric Topol, one of the most pro-vaccine doctors, has also said we need to do research on a vaccine that can be applied nasally, in the expectation that that type of innoculation would protect others better.

  9. The thing is, they haven't mandated that people get vaccines, they mandated that you can't go anywhere or earn a living unless you get it, even if you've already had it and have natural immunity. Loopholes.

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