PRIMO RADICAL #262: Matt Taibbi

Award-winning author and journalist Matt Taibbi returns to the show to discuss the recent censorship that has taken place across the United States and Europe in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Taibbi also shares his thoughts on why anti-war leftists are branded as “right-wingers,” political amnesia, the sudden end of the pandemic, and the prospect of nuclear war.

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  1. I've always loved primo nutmeg. The conversation at 20 minutes resonates with me so much. I felt like I lost my idealogical home circa 2015. Even though I consider myself far left, I still had liberal friends and in general agreed on many issues or saw their views as closer to my position on the spectrum. But in 2015, Trump's rise flipped some kind of switch in the liberals and left that baffles me. They've gone overboard and focus way too much on identity politics instead of the power of labor, economy, environment and anti-imperialism. Its really frustrating talking to these people I formerly thoughout of as allies. Now they want to censor us and shut us down and label us as right wingers. They've fallen prey to the narrative of the elites.

  2. We humans are easily fooled. Americans are told they have freedom of speech because the law says so. However they all know they can loose their job if promoting unions or marxism.= get economically killed. We say our values are freedom, democracy and human rights……while killing people in endless wars, starving people with sanctions, staging coups in order to take peoples land/resources and assasinations opponents abroad. Propaganda is a powerful tool.

  3. Taibbi on Breaking Points yesterday, referred to Putin as a "Pinochet-style Dictator." With that simple statement, he lost all credibility in my eyes.

  4. The reason the typical anti-war people, like me aren't coming out is because we're happy that Putin is ENDING the war. Why wouldn't an anti-war person be for THAT?

  5. There is the letter of the law, which is what is actually says concretely, and then there's the letter of the law, which is likely what people were thinking when they wrote it in the first place. The letter of the First Amendment is that the government could make a law against speech because the people writing that were more worried that the government would be the problem since there were no massive corporations then. The spirit of the First Amendment is what most of us think of it as and that is that speech ought to be expressed and, when someone finds that speech objectionable, they are also free to speak against it. If you think of what a democracy should be in that people in it ought to be aware of the different opinions and ideas so as to make informed decisions when they are able to vote, free speech is perhaps the most important thing a nation can have if it wants to be a real democracy. In the US, we have never been that but, if we want to become a true democracy, the very least we must do is allow for free speech and not allow it to be restricted by anyone within our domain of control (which should probably only be our own borders but yeah).

  6. So people lose their shit rationally when they think there's an emergency and that makes so much sense to me right now. I'm always someone who has a hard time deciding anything that isn't emergent because I weigh the options while most other people seem to be able to arrive at a decision much more easily than I do. However, when the actual shit is hitting the fan, making the right decision is suddenly easy for me. I had always wondered why I had to drag so many other people to safety because they had suddenly become basically catatonic from what was going but I think it's starting to make sense now. I think it's also why I'm not buy anyone bullshit on either side and I see the value of being able to hear both sides. When things are dangerous, I pay attention to what the potential threat is doing much more than I pay attention to those things that don't seem to be a threat. Perhaps this is the best reason why censorship is a bad idea but it's a good idea if what you want is to start another war because you can make the people on the other out to be whatever since no one is able to find much or any information to tell them otherwise.

  7. I have a joke that I made up back during the Cold War in the 1980s:

    What's the difference between an earthquake drill and a nuclear bomb drill?

    After the earthquake drill, the whole class gets to go outside.

  8. When you have to give credit to the hegemonic bully for not imposing a no fly zone that would start WW3 you know civilization is in trouble.
    When one third of Americans are ready to risk WW3 by imposing a no fly zone you know…..

  9. Matt I love you because you are such a positive person. My question is did Obama ever believe what he said or did he say it just because he knew it was what people wanted to hear. That he said what he knew would get him elected and then did what made him money.

  10. We've got a Democrat running against our Republican Incumbent (LaMalfa), who is totally brainwashed by the Putin-is-evil-and-the-source-of-all-problems. The guy doesn't even understand how the US has been interfering in Ukraine, and provoking Russia with continued NATO expansion, and withdrawal from weapons/security treaties. So few people talk about windfall profits taxes , these days, it's very disappointing, but of course, Putin has been a perfect excuse.

    I wonder that with student debt and the "gig economy", whether younger generations don't have the "luxury" of being anti-war, anti-authoritarian… or having seen the betrayal of Obama, have become more fatalistic.

    I only heard it once, but I wonder what people think about the possibility that Putin has adopted Nixon's "madman" image to scare EU/US.

  11. Ah, Matt Taibbi, movie star, or was it man of my dreams, which is the way the CIA would have it.

    They do like their stream switching. Also, RT America is a transplant of Air America Radio, another total COINTEL show.

  12. Up is down, down is up these days days in so called "liberal" politics…..
    I can't believe the potency of the premonitions from 1984 and Brave New World that are playing out before our eyes!
    Great work as usual!
    Love these interviews!

    May I suggest another guest, Alison McDowell, who has some of the best research into what's being planned and implemented by these techno utopian transhumanists…
    It's about as important a message as I've seen and we need more exposure for her message and conversation around what's happening!

  13. People testified under oath at the Ron Johnson hearings about covid and treatments and it seems obvious that regulatory capture took place. Since pharma cannot be sued many that censored the truth and were between pharma and patients will be sued. Malone predicted that months ago.

  14. So many lies, so little time. If al quaeda is an enemy why did the US work with them in Syria to overthrow Assad? Obama lies, Biden lies, everyone lies. The war in Syria started out to be an agency operation called "Timber Sycamore" and Wiki says its over, but the US is still occupying a third of Syria and stealing oil. The only thing I can think of the Dems lied about Russiagate for 4 years and they cannot stop, but they also cannot talk about it. Hillary will run again and start a new Russiagate. Dems want to foreclose on more properties and hope ppl will be looking at wars and Russia.

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