PRIMO RADICAL #263: Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

Lawrence Wilkerson is a retired United States Army Colonel as well as the former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell. On the show, Wilkerson breaks down US propaganda regarding the war in Ukraine. Wilkerson discusses how NATO expansion , the bombing of Belgrade in 1999, and arming the Azov Battalion invited this conflict. Wilkerson also shares his thoughts on corruption in Ukraine, the Pentagon’s involvement in Ukrainian biolabs, accusations that Russia will launch a “false flag” chemical weapons attack, and the prospects of nuclear war. Wilkerson also takes patron questions on related topics.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. You have to be careful when listening to Wilkerson. I’ve learned to listen to him, but with a grain of salt as he had no problem slipping in a lie here & a half truth there. Good interview though!

  2. Actually, the more I hear from Larry Wilkerson over the last few months the more my admiration of him shrinks. I'm not sure he's quite got his finger on the pulse of currents events. I think he's lost it, but he's still happy to talk shop…

  3. Thank you for having him on! We need MSM to hear his statements about the history of nuclear weapons. My Navy dad was called up during the Bay of Pigs and I have pictures of a friend end loader digging a hole next to our house where a bomb shelter was built. I had a recurring nightmare as a teenager of nuclear holocaust. The superficial TikTok level of awareness/understanding among so many people in this country is terrifying.
    Thank you again Primo!! Keep up the good work!

  4. He references the Uighur’s as if they would really help us destabilize China. There is no Uighur genocide in China. Little subtle things like that, pretending that he doesn’t know that Assad did NOT use chemical weapons & referring to the governments that we view as competitors as “regimes” are things that his usual audience must not catch. It has to be intentional. What is the point of purposely lying?

  5. Another thing I am wondering about Wilkerson, he keeps repeating the unsubstantiated accusation that Putin used chemical weapons against his enemies….so why are they still alive? Where is the evidence? Why would he not just kill them? Are there more examples of the FSB messing up hits? No? So a warning then? Why? Why with banned weapons that would give rise to even more serious allegations of stockpiling these substances? It literally makes no sense…to me, that is.

  6. Thank you so much for getting the Colonel on for an hour of in depth discussion. Your questions were excellent and his experience is incredibly instructive. It is interviews like these that the mainstream media and their owners are so desperate to censor and silence because once the American People hear the truth, the lies backfire on the liars.

  7. Great interview! I learned a lot. But does anyone understand his final comment–refferring to staying in Afghanistan in case we have to "stabilize China"? I would appreciate insight into that.

  8. It is already too late for Climate Change…we have already crossed 2 degrees Celsius and the feedback loops are now in effect and it is getting even more unpredictable…we had our chance in the 70s and 80s yet we REFUSED to do anything proactive.

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