PRIMO RADICAL #271: Michael Tracey

Michael Tracey is a journalist and political commentator. In this hour-long interview, we discuss Tulsi Gabbard’s endorsement of Joe Biden, how every Democrat in Congress ended up voting in favor of the $40 billion Ukrainian aid bill, and whether or not we should fear censorship in light of the backlash against Nina Jankowicz and the Disinformation Governance Board.

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  1. Perhaps people don't remember but she was supposed to be a kind of a leader in the same vein as Hillary Clinton and they turned on her when she expressed clearly she didn't want to be that. Now she's devil incarnate.

  2. You should have Michael on as a regular guest. Thanks for following Tulsi closely and opening up the conversation. I don't know why they just don't give her the helm. We need a voice for the people and extremely rounded on foreign policy. It only takes people like Rand Paul and Tulsi to make the changes. I'd like to see stability. And if ever there was a time for leveling it's now.

  3. Oh yea. Endorse Biden as a candidate when he’s supposedly completely at odds with him. Bullshit. Tulsi Is a complete fraud and now she’s a Republican. Oh yea she’s a genuine person. Fucking joke !

  4. "Police brutality"
    Yeah, massive issue of epidemiological import in the US. Cops are in the top 10 causes of death in the US for young black men.

    "chanting about trans stuff"
    The queer movement largely showed up for anti-police brutality and racism stuff as strategic movement building. Doesn't necessarily end homophobia but in theory people who feel targeted can be empathetic with others who are.

    "intricacies of racial speech codes"
    I was called out for using 'digital blackface' by a white woman for posting a gif of a black celebrity. People love virtue signalling and false superiority. Personally I think the concept of digital blackface is silly, unless someone is actually pretending to be black. In which case they are weird and probably gross

    "force corporations to adopt different mascots and names"
    Back in the day the US would offer a reward for every 'red skin' (head/scalp of an American Indian) frontiersmen brought back, because manifest destiny is baked into the history of the US. The Washington Redskin's name is fked, and doesn't have a place in modernity IMO.

    New Jersey Yellow Skin's with a Chinese caricature doesn't either 😛

  5. Tulsi should have said screw Biden and the democrats cause they screwed her at every turn and the primary was a facade and rigged!!!! Plus don't get me started on Bernie, he's one evil motherfucker swindling the poorest Americans out of the money they don't have and legislate with the enemy of the people the democrats and the republicans aren't any better!!! Senator B.S is so fitting for him!!!

  6. The real question is how much money would Ukraine get if they were actually in NATO. Dumping billions into a country that is one of the most corrupt countries on earth seems more like a US money laundering scheme.

  7. I think what Michael is trying to say, is that it took a lot of Aloha for Tulsi to protect her career and keep her promise to the Democratic establishment. God knows her promises to the American people weren't worth the Alohas they were printed on. I think Michael was trying to say that everyone was endorsing Biden and screwing the people and Tulsi is no better than anyone else.

  8. The 2020 presidential election showed how corrupt bernie and tulsi really are, here’s my perspective..

    Both of them backed down to a candidate that was in the middle of a rape allegation.

    ‘Nuff Said.

  9. Love Micheal Tracey, great true journalist! My main issue with Tulsi is is this weird friendship or enabling of John McCain's daughter who is as war criminal and warmonger as it comes as his daughter Meghan supports all this and repeats the same propaganda warmongering lying with no accountability for the bloodshed, destruction, war crimes/warmongering of her last positions she contuines to repeat, John McCain was king of warmongers and Tulsi was recently defending Meghan on Twitter calling the person Meghan was arguing with a warmonger I'm like wtf shes as warmongering as it gets who said Assange should "rot in hell" everything shes supposed to be against it's just confusing, inconsistent, inauthentic and enabling of a gaslighting warmonger who should be called out Megahn even tried to smear Tulsi at the beginning but when she saw how popular Tulsi was with both sides leached into her I think so tulsi would not call her familys history sorry if that feels like a rambling rant I just hate hyprocisy phonyness and enabling of warmonger gaslighting liar like Meghan who has never been held accountable for warmongering that has caused and contuines to cause so much suffering and contuine to do same thing being a CIA military industrial complex mouthpiece while playing victim pretending she has "unpopular opinions" and even has the nerve to try and act like shes anti goverment/establishment and there "free seech" while she wants people like Assange to "rot in hell" for expsoing real war crimes by her father while lying about fake ones committed by "Russia". I hate this fakeness and hyprocisy Tulsi should be calling out all of Mccains destruction not enabling it and deflecting for his heiress spoilt brat warmongering daughter.

  10. Even McCain conceded and said that he was going to support Obama during his run for presidency, so how is Tulsi different? I believed it is because of the way she articulated it making her appearance as a traitor to her constituents. Perhaps if she made her concession speech traditional and simple, it would have been taken lightly.

  11. In a recent interview with Briahna Joy Gray, Ro Khanna professed ignorance of US involvement in the 2014 Maidan coup. Briahna had to play him the infamous Nuland/Pyatt telephone call recording, where they pick the next Ukrainian PM and talk about "glu[ing] this thing", with which he claimed to be unfamiliar.

    I find that hard to believe. More likely he's sensed which way the wind is blowing and is playing dumb.

  12. Many Americans seem un-skeptical of gov at a time where our gov deserves incredible skepticism. This is a real smack in the face and I hope it wakes people up. Russiagate should’ve been our wake up call, but so should’ve covid. We have to ditch dem vs rep and realize it’s all a political game, and in reality the fight is the elite vs us. The American people agree more than not. We want the same things, and sometimes simply disagree on the “how to”. Everyone wants a good life and opportunity for the most amount of people. Stop letting them distract and divide us to keep their power! Our gov is corrupted and it will take us together to even attempt to make it better.

  13. Tulsi sold out and endorsed Biden even before the primary was over. She also promoted the crappy p$iser drug and didn't push back against the authoritarianism… And now not vocal about the Ukraine mess. She's just like desantis, a fake hero that really deep down is an authoritarian that supports centralized power (desantis didn't stop employers mandates in Florida and a year before the shots he signed into law an anti protest bill which was deemed unconstitutional.)
    I am bringing this up because I feel like they might put them together on a ticket to create a false sense of change from the current authoritarian right and left.

  14. I like and appreciate Mike Tracey but this comes across as armchair quarterback, but most political analysis can't help itself. I somewhat quote Thomas Sowell "there are no solutions, only just trade offs"

  15. Tulsi Gabbard just keeps reenlisting in a blatantly TERRORIST, imperialist military. She's the poster child for Buffy Ste-Marie's "The Universal Soldier."

  16. Tulsi Gabbard is an opportunist with her finger in the wind. She's smart enough to know that there's no room in the centrist lib lane, or the fraud squad, so she feigns radical anti-war (when it's convenient), quasi-libertarian, quasi-left so she's in a narrow lane.
    Electoral politics is absurd theater for narcissistic pretenders. I've completely tuned out. No change will come from there.

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