Prince Andrew embroiled in Hunter Biden email leak

A treasure trove of over 120,000 of Hunter Biden’s emails have revealed the president’s son was approached for a potential real estate investment meeting with Prince Andrew in 2010.


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  1. What disgusts me about mass shootings is the pure unadulterated fact that an armed moron (probably a trump supporter) attacked unarmed children. Talk about shameless lack of testical . Trump breeds ignorant Muppets to attack others based on race, religion and political voting habits. Trump is a terrorist. Murdoch media is an organised criminal syndicate , who is responsible for America's woes. Murdoch media needs to be deemed a terrorist organisation immediately and the vile propaganda that causes these idiots to act out must be removed from general society. Murdoch is capable of destroying entire countries and is a tax evasion master. If I was a world leader I would immediately destroy Murdoch media for the mental health of society. If you are sick from Murdoch media wy not join me in a mass law suit to get the ball rolling. Let's break him first and then let the scabby old bastard rott in central Park with free rotten tomatoes to throw at him in the gallows. Just an idea to save society .🙏 Your welcome.

  2. Reporters in the past we're from the lower and middle classes – in other words they were working class people and not wealthy . Today ,
    newspeople and local and national reporters /
    anchors are making a lot of money ; many are millionaires .

  3. It's so sad to see how the American press sweeps everything related to the Bidens under the rug. Eventually they will turn on the Bidens when it serves their evil interests.

  4. Death penalty is way too mild for them.
    I am for torturing the entire royal family to death. Screw them too!
    Actually, all royalty world wide can have their throats cut. GD criminals.

  5. I remember Rudi Guiliani sweating makeup on live TV warning the American public it was true and the traditional and social media networks defamed Rudi as being a Russian spy and banned everyone for disinformation.
    What damage have you done ? Shame YouTube, Shame.

  6. The non-RWNJ, non-Murdoch media does cover this story. They give it the appropriate exposure as a minor story about a private citizen. He has never had a role in any US administration and not his fathers. Lots of political families have relatives that trade on their political family members to make a buck. The FBI has the actual laptop and the IRS is investigating him for tax fraud. But nothing in the public sector has shown the slightest indication of malfeasance involving President Biden no matter how hard the Murdoch & RWNJ media try to cast suspicions that there is. Sure, he traded on his father’s name and position for the Burisma post and made a few buck – it’s in no way a National Security issue. He had zero access to any National Security information – he’s not in government and has never been.

    What you should be concerned about is what Kushner was exchanging with the Saudi’s and UAE for them to bail him out of the 666 Park Avenue building?

    Who paid Brett Kavanaugh’s 150k debt off?

    Why did Justice Kennedy retire at exactly the moment his son’s involvement at Duetche Bank’s with their Russian money laundering was under investigation?

    Now these are actual stories that all media should be uncovering the truth about. These have National Security implications – not HB’s laptop.

    Nice try bottom-feeders…next

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