Prince Harry is desperate to become a W0KE champion | pushing for American censorship

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are desperate to stay relevant and in the public eye! What’s the best way to do that in America? Join the W0KE train!

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. Why do they need the huge Montecito mansion if they are eco warriors? All of those empty bedrooms and no family members to stay in them because they've alienated allll of them! They're truly pathetic.

  2. Americans don't give a shit about spoilt, weak x royal ,mooch spewing nonsense. We can think for ourselves. That's why our ancestors left .
    Go away Harry and take your fucking views about how people should live with you. If your daddy wasnt supporting you financially you would be working at Kmart as a greeter since you have no skills.
    crappy ass puke.

  3. She sure emasculated him. It is a bad sign when women are allowed by their men to change them, supposedly making them better. The truth is she holds him in her panties and he is totally besotted. She must secretly despise him for that very reason. Remember how she encouraged an audience to make fun of him, when displaying something behind a curtain. So bad mannered and full of her perfect little self! She nobody and he a prince royal!!!

  4. If they have no influence why are you waffling on about their life and everything thing they are involved in. What a pathetic soul you are. What they do is none of your business. You are a hypocrite using them to make yourself relevant. Pot calling kettle comes to mind. You do not give a toss about anyone otherwise you would use your platform for good not to spread hate but as usual you are all full of what the cat dragged in. Thank the dear lord none of you are immortal and there is an end in sight for all of you myself included.

  5. How to dishonor your family! "I don't sweat" and look at me I am a wimp. It might be useful for them to know that we all see that leftists only do things for fame, money, or anger.

  6. We are watching a man get destroyed in front of our eyes, yet again. Poor Harry, he has no more hobbies and has to do what the wifey wants now, takes him away from his homeland to. Poor isolated Prince Harry.

  7. Harry shut up! We want you and you liar wife to go away that's the censorship we want from you. You are not even a man you can even make your own money or your wife doesn't even make money. Both of you are a succubus.