Princeton Goes WOKE and Admits It’s Racist, Trump Charges Them With FRAUD, Virtue Signal Gone Wrong

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Princeton is under investigation by the Department of Education after Princeton president, Christopher Eisgruber, wrote an open letter admitting Princeton was racist. A hilarious virtue signal gone wrong. Princeton CANCELS itself. Meanwhile Trump announces the 1776 Project which aims to teach encourage history and patriotism in schools. #Princeton #Trump2020LandslideVictory #1619project


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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


  1. When he does stuff like this I just love the guy. I can agree, my white son with a 4.0 gpa and 1310 sat as well as 6 ap classes and a legacy mother, and can't get into univ of Georgia.

  2. I mean this was bound to happen the leftist Establishment has been running around shouting how racist the establishment is… Ironically not realizing that they themselves are that Racist Establishment
    Bunch of woke, hypocrite, fucking idiots

  3. Asians also face discrimination in the work force but no one speaks about it. They should get federal and state tax credits and also receive reparations.

  4. If a person is devoid of logic, reason, accountability and simply regurgitates what they are told, they are an idiot.
    The opposite of an idiot is a genius.
    Ergo, leftists are idiots.
    Since disagreeing with idiots is racism, ergo racists are geniuses.
    2020 sure is a weird time.

  5. Pull all federal funding from all educational institutions. I had to lie to get my last two classes just to graduate because of the school's and govt "affirmative action" crap. And I'm a veteran on the GI bill! VA wouldn't standup for me either.

  6. "All people are inherently racist. Otherwise we'd have sex with anyone at anytime instead of just the best looking one who will tolerate us" – Jordan Petersen. PERFECT!!

  7. The left thinks America is racist because that's what BLM and CNN tells them. They're too lazy and dumb to do proper research like good little sheep

  8. Lmao so either way they're screwed.
    If the investigation shows they're right, they frauded.
    If they're wrong, they lied for fake virtue signalling and destroy their rep.

    Leftard Princeton destroyed itself LoL