Princeton University is Racist

If everything is racist, why wouldn’t Trump’s Department of Education investigate the president of a university that literally admits that it’s racist?

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  1. The box in contract is an exclusion from the contract and therefore no part of the contract, unless that us, it goes unrebutted in which case it is accepted and stands as the judgement.

  2. The great advantage of "institutional racism" has always been that it's meaningless and can't be disproven. As long as leftists have faith, it "exists".

  3. This is a short story on my experiece taking a high school trip to Princeton University around 2011. I live in NYC and I actually don't remember where exactly Princeton was located (Connecticut I think? It was a short train ride)

    As we were being dragged around by what looked to be like a tour guide, the University looked great. You can tell the history based on the architechture of the campus as a whole. Many Princeton students explained the many benefits and even some horror stories of students being forced to study a certain degree by their parents and seeing mental breakdowns on their 4th year.

    What concerned me the most was during lunch time. We all got a free meal from the cafeteria and it was kind of awkward eating in close quarters to other college students as a high schooler. Something I personally noticed was the segregation. It kinda felt like a prison. Each ethnic group was associating within their own ethnicity. While most people were either stressed or enjoying each other's company, it was obvious when you glanced at a group eating at a table that only consisted of what looked to be African Americans. What set them apart from everyone else was the look in their eyes. They looked like scared puppies while being very vigilant. It was confusing, since all of the other Universities I visited never had this issue. University at Albany was chaotic, but students seemed happy. Fordham University seemed very quiet.

    You don't have to believe some random Youtube comment, but maybe other people have similar experiences? I completely understand why students would like to stay together with other students that have similar cultural interests, its just that Princeton Cafeteria looked like inmates in a prison. Maybe I'm exaggerating.

  4. you’re british, so you wouldn’t really know, but Woodrow Wilson was racist for his own time and a bad president anyway. Renaming buildings named after him does make some sense. That’s kinda a minor thing about the video though.

  5. I hope this woke things goes away quick so everything could go back to normal. The media in many Asian country also starting to be affected bythe left wing media, I don’t want this thing to goes on any longer, hope your country well, love from Viet nam

  6. I'm seeing people pushing for some universities to be segregated in the US, or at least have segregated areas. Sooo… do the left want segregation or not? I suppose they want it only if it was their idea, and not Woodrow Wilson's. Just to be clear: I'm against it.

  7. If I were b lack, I would find it mortifying that so many people apparently believe I can only advance with charity and a consistently lowered bar compared to EVERYONE else. At the same time, far too many b lacks demonstrate through their own rhetoric and behavior that they are more than happy to hold themselves to those lesser standards. When gibsmedats are so integrated into your lifestyle, having them removed or placed into question apparently feels like a form of discrimination. Honestly, their almost gleefully willing embrace of this lopsided state of affairs, by and large, does make me look at them as "lesser than." And whenever I see someone of that color in a position of stature, my automatic assumption is that they couldn't have arrived there without a lot of "help". Again, if it were me, I'd be embarrassed that people saw me that way. But they don't seem to even notice or care.

  8. I graduated from Princeton 40 years ago (when the current President of the University was a freshman there), and Princeton was saying the very same thing about its racism and the need for the University to address it aggressively back then. Princeton is either full of liars (they never were racist) or idiots (they're too stupid after 40 years of trying to get it right), or both.

  9. Princeton: the establishment is systemically racist
    Everyone on the right: You are the establishment
    Princeton: Okay we are racist (but we're the good racists obviously)
    Trump: Gotcha Bitch
    Princeton: No, no we're not the bad guys, quick orange man bad

  10. If you listen to what Dr Thomas Sowell has to say about the outcomes of affirmative action all around the world, you'd be a fool to continue to use it unless you were virtue signalling. It fails miserably and strengthens the view that the race you're trying to help are in fact inferior.

  11. Well whaddya know. It turns out that the Left is purely fatalist and believes everything is inherently awful. While the Right – when hearing open admissions that things are awful – actually takes active steps to address the problem. Whoever would have guessed?

  12. If race and sex did not matter. Why do we have to check the box for them when applying for a job? If they were actually against prejudice they would be forced to read the resume, not the sex and race data, and hire people based on merit.

  13. When you have people who have lived in privilege their entire lives, they believe it to be a norm, and therefor, everyone else is believed to be of poor character, lazy, or a deplorable. They now feel guilty or are now being pressured to realize that there are “other reasons” why good people face financial or other problems, and now are holding themselves accountable. But instead of realizing that certain political policies affect people’s standing in life, they misidentify the problem as being a racial problem.

  14. Having received my Diversity, Equity and Inclusion corrective struggle session at work, I wrote an email to our DIE officer.

    I asked her how she had managed to enact Equity without contravening the equal opportunity act.

    Still waiting for a reply.

  15. Fucking hell this is brilliant ? I didn’t really care that much before but after BML and Antifa and all the celebs and big companies taking their side I do want Trump to get another 4 years in the White House to do more stuff like this. The fact he’s helping to bring peace to the rest of the world is great too.

  16. Race based collage admissions policies are by definition racist. I genuinely can’t believe I have to say that in this day and age and that it’s actually supported by people that do nothing but moan about racism.

  17. Don't you have to be racist against blacks to say a box saying criminal record implies the criminal is black?
    Seriously, if I was a black dude I would be really angry at that.

  18. Every one should read "Color, Communism Common Sense" by Manning Johnson,
    written in 1958. Not a long read
    Available free online

    Same shit, different century.