Prison Island to deport Djokovic

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  1. The amount of bureaucracy in Australia has strangled the country killed alot of business interest and innovation and has made it hard for entrepreneurs

  2. So in Women's sports they let Biological Men compete which destroys that.
    In Men's sports they simply disqualify the defending champion if he doesn't comply with the political elite.
    Sports is effectively DESTROYED

  3. Living in Melbourne, Australia myself and I can say the whole official response to Covid lately is a mess. It's like the government wants to keep everyone on edge and in fear over a variant that something that actually isn't all that dangerous. Hell, I am already getting official letters telling me to go get my vaccination booster less than three months after being fully vaccinated.

    I guess what annoys me the most is the inconsistency. Small business and working class jobs will be sacrificed on a whim but select industries like gambling can get away with murder.

  4. FFS guys lay off the penal colony bullshit. 66% of of 'Australians' basically got here yesterday! We used to play spot the VW, we now play spot the Aussie.

    That's a thumbs down, a first for this channel.


  5. Great to see Scomo stick to his guns… As an ordinary Australians I was so incensed when he was given an exemption especially when you consider many ordinary Australians couldn't get an exemption and that was to see dying relies not some poxy tennis Star ffs and those licking his arse are an embarassment ffs and those claiming to be Aussie and backing him should be ashamed…

  6. Your country has literal police task forces for people that say mean things online.

    Those in glass houses..

    Also where is this mel-born you speak of? Certainly not an Australian city.

  7. Makes me remeber back in old -14 or so, Dublin. Took the bus up to the Zoo. Going back: No bus cuz of Queen/Obama visit. So we walked with the stroller, this neighborhood just west of O'connell street. Kid You not, Zombie-like. Kids lightning fires in oildrums. For real. To this day, remembering pointing this out to my wife "This is western Europe" /She dont remeber it today. I Do

  8. He gets what he deserves. Deport him. Even if i disagree with the covid situation home novac knew the conditions of entry. There are thousands of Australians stuck overseas because of this situation and cant get a jab if they had a choice. Both parties are at fault.

  9. It's all political. They are claiming immigration forms filled out incorrectly. The govt asked for the appeal to be delayed, the court said no, because I believe he hasn't done anything wrong, I think this will be found to be here legally and govt will look fucking dumb

  10. Novak has around 2 years left I suspect. The oldest player to win a major was 37, in the early 70’s, and the oldest player in the modern era is 36. Roger is out due to injury and Rafa is just coming back from injury so Novak would be the extremely hot favourite though there are very good players coming though like Medvedev and Tsitsipas. The latter may also be out due to an elbow injury but yet to be confirmed. Also you say Novak is marmite but in tennis he is well liked.

  11. Thought you were all about a country's right to let in or deport whomever they chose. Make up your minds –you can't profess to be pro-borders when it comes to your own country but act like Australia does not also have every right to decide whom to let in. Poncey tennis twats included.

  12. This wouldn't have happened if Djokovic was a member of the Sharks. Scott Morrison would have personally carried that man all the way to whatever cheaply constructed football stadium they were playing at. Because at the end of the day it isn't about health or safety or even Australia and Her people… No, it's about the self-serving nature of those spineless, hollow pathetic excuses of politicians.

    God I do love the People's Republic of Australia.

  13. Prison island is a correct description ! Novak is now a hero for the unvaxed ! He has got millions rooting for him ! If he is allowed to play he wins, if they deport him he wins ! And the Aussie government LOSES BIG TIME !!! The Aussie people have been played and bullied and lied to and locked down and vaccine mandated and abused by police for two years ! The Aussie psyche is to instantly turn on the nonconformist – “ if we suffer then you must suffer too” !

  14. "What did Djokovic do….steal a loaf of bread", NO, that happened in England which is why we have white Australians. English colonists sent petty thieves who stole :loaves of bread: to Australia to settle. Get the facts right, even if it was a joke.

  15. The best have always fled Australia, now we're openly rejecting the best. Our public, by and large, is so meek that we do not deserve the best. Australians talk a good fight and then run at the tiniest sign of trouble. I had a chance to keep living in Japan but my wife dragged me back because "great economy!" but I'm happy, I can stand up for my extended family here – even if they won't

  16. Love to see the international community laughing at the farcical made up as you go overreaching rules our government is enforcing on us. Please keep exposing Australia’s embarrassing clueless leadership.

  17. They used him as a political football trying to score petty childish points against one another. It was distraction to good to ignore for politicians. Tennis Australia absolutely screwed up and they know it. I hope they all get sued and have a long think about how they've embarrassed themselves and their country.

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