Priti FINALLY Acts To End Illegal Migration

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Priti FINALLY Acts To End Illegal Migration

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. How many people have stood up and said this, only to be told by some scum bag lawyer that you cant.
    Its our country , close our borders then sweep for illegals and deport them.

  2. I will believe it when I see the illegal migrants physically removed from the UK and the Marxist BLM ANTIFA etc. being declared illegal and supporters being locked up. These groups are enemies of the state and they and their supporters and anyone that actively promotes them should be treated as such

  3. This will never happen for some mad reason any government in Britain seems to want these young men coming here there is some people out ther pulling the strings and we the people will never have a say they will make it look like we have a say but never will brexit has been planned and COVID bs was planned there gonna reset and set up the n w o I did not believe it myself but it’s all unfolding b4 our eyes nato is mentionong 2030 read up agenda 30

  4. has it occured to anyone that as Britain invented the idea of asylum/refugee status in the mid 1800's that it's about time the law was overhauled/updated ?

  5. We have had SO MANY promises from Patel that has never come to anything, that we can take this as just more of the same old promises that she has been giving the people of this country. It’s a case of the woman that cried wolf too many times. Now no one believes her, and let’s face it, Patel deserves our mistrust.

  6. Teresa May failed after promising to reduce 'immigration down to the tens of thousands' as Home secretary for ten years.Why should we believe any of these tory talkers?These boat people flooding into our country will never be of benefit to this county.Perhaps one in a hundred just might make something of themselves.The rest will sponge off us.

  7. Love Pritti Patel , she is doing her best but her hands are tied by the self loathing left wing apologists who hate there own country and put illegal immigrants in front of British citizens and homeless war veterans who have given there lives for our country. These people mainly from the Labour Party and the crooked establishment politicians are the same people who tried to stop Brexit and they are a disgrace to our country

  8. If the conservatives have any hope of winning back voters after this lockdown fiasco, they need to walk away from negotiations with the EU, stop illegal immigration, and deport those already here, and take the culture war head on, using their massive majority to pass laws and legislation to protect British values, history and heritage. If they've done all that in the next four years, they'll win the election. But I have zero confidence that these wet conservatives will do any of it. They reek of weakness, the establishment, and liberalism. Sheeps in wolves clothing.

  9. I’m glad she used the word ‘Lefty’ because it shows they are no longer regarded as serious but, instead, just the silly, sad pants, lefties that they all are. If we stop all and sundry piling into our country surely this, itself, will have a knock on effect on human trafficking, would it not? Stop them coming here and, thus, disrupt their trade.