Priti Patel Calls In Navy As Farage Finds More Illegal Migrants

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Priti Patel Calls In Navy As Farage Finds More Illegal Migrants

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. What’s going on here behind the scenes is sinister. Trojan horses all around the country containing ‘secret’ illegal immigrants. Why? What’s the long term agenda… overwhelm the indigenous English in collusion with the existing legal immigrants in order to command the highest votes in the running of the U.K. ….taking away the right for the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh to say how they want THEIR country, the U.K., to be run.


  2. Put them all on a ferry and sail rhem back to france…anyone living in inner cities has seen this for years..niw the little towns are getting it…we cant accept millions if people who come from safe countrues.

  3. What we should be doing is putting them onto a boat and dropping them off right back where they started in full view of everybody else who wants to give it a try.

  4. We now have responsibility for our own borders but the government have done nothing to secure them. Of course we can no longer send illegals back as that was a privilege of EU membership and the government have done no deal to continue to do so. This is what people who ticked “leave” in the Brexit referendum voted for. It’s ironic this is a shit show of Farages making.

  5. im voting for which ever party nigel farage fronts at the next election, remember the tories never wanted to leave the e.u they just jumped on the band wagon as it became so populist. they are treating the public as fools .

  6. the uk need to withdraw from the un treaty on asylum and also the irish treaty on asylum and create our own policy on asylum specific to our needs as an independent sovereign country.

  7. This is disgusting and obviously orchestrated. Taxpayers footing the bill, No precautions regarding Kong flu. And this is going to encourage more to come into the country. This is terrible, what possible reasons could there be for are own government to facilitate the transportation and housing g of these people? Who are they? This is so fishy. What good do they do for our country. Why are they all able bodied men from countries that our government has destroyed , killed their relatives etc? Then bring them in? This is very dodgy.

  8. Need militias like American borders. It's ridiculous. Who are these people? Potential Terrorists? Kong flu carriers? Criminals? (Well they have illegally entered the country). This is done deliberate what end? We can't believe our Government they just tell lies or jeep things undercover. Very strange.

  9. I have to ask how quickly the government find places to live for migrants yet people who live all their lives, plus homeless can’t get help from the government

  10. Do u think nigel will do any difference wake up. they are all the same. immigration or populism is to distract u from their agenda

  11. Look at UK homeless, majority white nationals, look at the affordable housing and hotels, full of male migrants not many families in fact I haven't seen ANY families…wtf is going on…who's running serco???

  12. Guess what, the Navy was never called upon, it was all just Priti Useless Patel’s mouth running away again, as usual. What total crap will it be coming out with next. You never know with Patel, maybe she will promise to stop these French illegal migrants by calling on alien help. Well, she must have used up every other excuse.

  13. Pity Patel.says she.will send in the navy to sort these illegal boat people out, what she meant was to rescue.them.and.put them 4 star hotels, them give them free housing and 40 quid a week. so they can have a lifetime holiday at British taxpayers expence,

  14. Politicians the world over are in it for themselves. At each election, vote for the opposition, at least it rotates the crooks before they get too comfortable. Crooks the lot of them.