Priti Steps In As Sadiq Khan & The Met Lose Control Of London

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Priti Steps In As Sadiq Khan & The Met Lose Control Of London

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Another week gone by its now 12 July 2020 come on Priti Patel why haven't you got rid of Khan 3 weeks is long enough, let Mr Cummins do it if haven't got the bottle.

  2. Well you could have the US policing forces. Of course you will need to purchase a lot of military gear so you can take the people down. Be thankful you do not police this way.

  3. Doesn't anybody find it odd that BLM was also in many other Western countries and the police kneeled in American cities too. There's a big globalist picture here right in front of everyone's eyes.

  4. you just tell lies mate, its interesting as your making a point (lying) you almost get to the end of a sentence then look away, not back at your screen but away, up or down, thats because you actually dont believe it yourself, just go away try and do something meaningful or constructive with you life, stop being a sad lad.

  5. Well said you're always good to listen to. The police haven't just become useless. . They became. useless. When the Liberal left wing chief constables got into office. Who got brainwashed in university. Today's police and nothing but social workers.. any policeman who plays woman who kneels with a protesters should be sacked immediately. We need zero tolerance. Read need national service bring back. We need capital punishment back. As a teenager I used to think life is so cheap in Africa.. life is even cheaper now in Great Britain there's no real deterrence. Police have lost their faith in politicians their faith in chief constables. I'm not blaming the Bobby on the street. Well that's if you' see one on the street. Stopping search should happen all over Britain. And I don't care I shit about the left wing liberals.. we are never going to get our country back you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes. In the last 20 years we've been breeding snowflakes. Spoilt little brats. Who come out of university with a Mickey Mouse degree.. god help the world

  6. If we’d listened to Enoch then khan would never have happened neither would any of the other foreign shit that contaminates our society.

  7. The police were overwhelmed. But if you think the past incidents were bad, then we need to recruit more police to continue to police the usual day to day matters. One more thing, people's behaviour has been the main causes from beaches to protests.

  8. How can the police do their job properly when the tories have underfunded the police for years and years? While Boris gets his jet resprayed in the middle of a national crisis, wake up…

  9. R b gangster lifestyles whats killing uk stop all r b and gangster shit sad really at least protect our officers and give totall laws to beat shit out lets see them do it again and immagrants sad sad sad uk get navy shoot out fuckin water

  10. the police are absolutely brilliant at giving out speeding tickets as i found out a few days ago (44 in a 40).i should be arrested and the key thrown away.anything other than speeding offences and they are clueless inspector clouseaus

  11. If Patel were any fuller of hot air, she'd float away and good so!

    All talk, NO action, we are even getting Shi*bag Begum back in the UK. Her antiwhite diatribe in parliament has been noted. We want her racist broad beam GONE.

  12. Border Force or Border Ferry Service? They are anti-British. Disband them and give the defence of the sea borders back to the Royal Navy. Border Force is a complete farce.

  13. AUGUST 2020 to Shadiq Khan if you cannot be a fit mayor for the people of London, then you must step down and accept a new face with fresh ideas is needed as Major of London.
    A protest march must be planned and agreed in advance with any Council, and not just a turn up and part take in protest.
    Time for a rethink in London I say.

  14. Preti Patel is only moving her arse because Nigel has blown her cover. She is a waste of our money. Get a British Born Man who loves our country. She is useless. She is too busy making sure her friends get in on the boats before they get stopped. PRETI. DO THE HONOURABLE THING. RESIGN. YOU OBVIOUSLY DON,T CARE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY. OUR POLICE FORCE UNDER DICK IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. THE POLICE WERE AN UTTER DISGRACE DURING THE VIRUS SCAM. DID NOTHING TO STOP MUSLIMS GATHERING IN THEIR MOSQUES. CLOSED OUR CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. DISGUSTED WITH EVERYTHING SHE HAS DONE. BORIS IS TOO BUSY GIVING CHINA THOUSANDS AND POCKET MONEY AND 4STAR holidays to the criminals coming over with £40. A week spends. Lost all trust in Boris, Patel and most of the Tory party. Thank goodness. David is sorting the EU out David.. please just leave on WTO. SOONER THE BETTER. NIGEL THANKS FOR BRINGING ALL THIS TREASONOUS ACTION BY THE TORY PARTY. IS BORIS GOING TO TAKE ANY OF THEM IN HIS HOME? Of course not!!!

  15. The English colonize India and now the Indians are colonizing England. Certain sad irony to that if you're English and a sense of vengeance fulfilled if you're Indian.