Privileges for the Vaccinated only Weeks Away

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Privileges for the vaccinated are only weeks away.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Just wait until the next variant hits and there is a massive spike in hospitalizations and deaths because of Antibody Dependent Enhancement which we are seeing happen in Israel. The same thing happened with the SARS COVID1 vaccines they developed, where when the test animal was re-exposed to a new strain of the virus after being vaccinated, the vaccine acted as a pathway for the new strain that made the re-infection much, much worse and killed them.

    ADE for anyone who is unfamiliar occurs when non-neutralising antibodies generated by past infection or vaccination fail to shut down the pathogen upon re-exposure. Instead, they act as a gateway by allowing the virus to gain entry and replicate in cells that are usually inaccessible to the virus. This in turn leads to wider spread of the virus in the body, and over-reactive immune responses that can cause immune cells to actually attack their own host.

    Whoever has rolled up their sleeve for this jab has taken a roll of the dice and put their future health and well being in the hands of pharma companies that have literally no indemnity in the event that people start dropping dead from their insufficiently trialed gene therapy treatments.

    There were leaked documents showing the secret agreements Pfizer made with various countries that basically say "hey, we don't know what these vaccines will do in the future, and we can't guarantee that we have not made a massive mistake. Guarantee us freedom from prosecution or we won't dole out the jab to you."

    Are your concerns suitably assuaged? I didn't think so.

  2. Vaccinated people need a little better prison treatment than the rest of us. After all, there is not much time left for them before health problems develop. Unfortunately.

  3. The Global death toll is only 3m people over 2 years so 1.5M per year, that's not a good enough reason to get experiential Medical procedures. Im sure the Flu killed more than 1.5m per year and it had 35 years of R&D on its Vaccine and it was a absolute Dud, not even meeting the criteria to be labelled a Vaccine, as real vaccines actually WORK for a lifetime AND ARE SAFE, tested on ANIMALS RIGOUROUSLY FOR YEARS before release to humans. You guys are Insane, Germaphobia is an Induced Mental Disorder. Science and basic Maths has been thrown out the window. OMFG.

  4. I am not a dangerous criminal because it is easier to work hard and make money. So my privilege to work will be taken and then what will I be?

  5. Anyone who is dumb to be injected with an experimental liquid should have some
    stupidity driven Privileges, why ? new data points out that those sheep might not be here for much longer, some professionals are giving them 5 years max.
    SMART PEOPLE will see trough what is going on with many already getting ready for what is coming years ago.
    FACT !, Israel ( most vaccinated nation) admitted officially that close to 95% of those critical and in hospital are the vaccinated and admitted that untested injection number 3 is on offer (for those who want to be fooled for the 3rd time after all idiots never learn).
    Hint we DO NOT HAVE A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT ANYMORE , its a GLOBAL take over, well orchestrated to create fear within the sheep who fail to understand they are on the menu.
    Again the recovery rate of the virus to-date is close to 99% , any logical people left?

  6. It will happen, to say that the unvaxed can't go to Coles and woollies will not end well. Hope you know how to defend yourself people, bjj purple belt may Thai for 15 years, im good!

  7. We are being transitioned into a communist state. All our freedoms become privileges.
    This is Agenda 21 and the great reset.
    We will all be living like the Chinese very soon.

  8. Hallo House Heise !!
    0:29 Nah mate it was concerning two years ago when we were sharing our time together here on your channel discussing the inevitable Global Economic collapse and what potential Lee Harvey Oswald would manifest. Well now we know heh ?
    Luv ya Hesie family and friends, all the best.

  9. why would anyone agree to the test vax let alone think it works let alone restrict 'normal' people who aren't covid worshippers from living their life?

  10. I know the final solution for my family Heise !!!

    Reunite Pomerania, claim it's independence from the rest of the retarded EU and never ever let foreigners have control of our kin and folk again. The I can ""go home"" like the originies keep telling me to.

  11. looking sharp heise! 5th weekend in a row of anti health pass protests here in france. the frogs clearly understand government overreach.. my grandmother in law was born just after the 2nd world war and lived through france changing currency 4 times. Go btc go!

  12. Ah, yes . The March of totalitarianism goes on .
    Compliance testing ( the mask mandates and signing in . ) The fearful population. So easy to manipulate. Informing on people next. The clean versus the unclean. Very reminiscent of Germany, back in the day. Quite a thing to witness in our lifetimes. Better start drawing your line in the sand , in 2 years you’ll be asking yourselves , how did we get here . That’s easy. You let it happen.
    Think that’s far fetched . You just wait.

  13. If you really believe the bullshit, I don't know! We've seen it happen time and time again. Restrictions – loosen restrictions – tighter restrictions tighter than before – loosen restrictions less than before – tighten restrictions tighter than before – loosen restrictions less than before: and on: and on it cycles. Promise "freedoms" to become vaccinated: discover a new, more transmissible, less deadly variant that is obviously more dangerous somehow: restrict the vaccinated again until boosted, same as the unvaccinated: and on and on it cycles. Wake up people! It's time to just say no!