Pro-Choice Hypocrisy Will Shock You (Full Video) Our Mic Was Stolen

Here is the full video of the Pro-Choice Protest!

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  1. I love the left the way they pick and choose the bits they want. With that comes the why, why cops charge peaceful anti mandate protesters yet leave angry anti man daters to protest freely.

  2. There's no need to argue the efficacy of vaccines. It's irrelevant to the discussion. If the government can't tell you what to do with your body, they certainly can't force you to inject something into it.

  3. so the death of the innocent future people don't count? they are an inconvenience? who teaches these people their lack of values and ignorance of human history and ethical evolution?? who are these people and do they have a right to exist? why?? what good do they serve the greater mandate??

  4. Guys seriously…. Abortions don't kill lives.. ok… They just don't… I mean that's exactly what they do…. But they don't ok so just stop it… Because your hurting my trans feelings..

  5. seems that my body my choice goes out the window when it comes to poison darts but a baby has no rights before they are born. they say keep abortion safe.. but if they look at the law suits there are many women have died from abortions… and it kills a human baby… as a former fetus… i choose life

  6. I believe in a woman's right to abortion but I cannot stomach the hypocrisy of those that are "pro-choice" but with terms and conditions. You're either for freedom of choice or you're not. Can't have it both ways.

  7. "Abortions don't like kill people"
    What's even funnier is you were called a far right fascist for being against the government forcing the civilian populous to get vaccines

  8. My body My Choice 😭😭😭😡🤬

    F**k this baby, I want to kill it 😩😩

    But get the bloody vaccine or you'll put me at risk


  9. I don't like your intentions here, but these people seemed awfully mentally unstable. In saying that, they do have a point that COVID has killed millions of people, you need to do research if you believe that has not happened

  10. I've got to stop watching videos like this, it depresses me so much to see how delusional people have become. Even if this is a small minority of people these people are part of a cult and cults are dangerous.

  11. What a great video. Well done boys. Your ability to emotionally self regulate among the unregulated was fantastic. Great job getting involved in world issues at your age – keep it up!

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