Pro-Jab 25 Year Old Drag Queen Drops Dead Mid-Performance




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  1. Pray for Armageddon is the only solution!
    The human race is damaged! Mind controlled programming to believe we free!
    Poor evil queenie will be there in Heaven with princess Diana 😆 😆 not. This so called German royal family satanic Pedo death cult need to be abolished thats the only solution!
    Given our pun minds abolish secret societies🌎🙌💯 Rumble search 10 Children go missing 1964 Canada 🇨🇦 orphanage after Queenie n Phil visit taken to forest pick nic never to be seen again. Williams coumes was about to testify in 2007 in London..didn’t make to court! Jimmy savil Epstein anybody out there awake to this Satanic evil ????? Cults

  2. I was talking to my doctor about the side effects of the jab yeah it's in the job and he says oh yeah everybody has undiagnosed heart defects that's why they do sports exams for teenagers to find this out…. Doctor was like 30% of the population has undiagnosed heart defects…..

  3. Could have been fentanyl. Just saying, they are putting that in everything. And she looks like she would try anything. Either way, we know who causes all problems leading to these endings.

  4. My son's Dr tried to tell me COVID gives you myocarditis before the jab does. You have a higher chance of getting myocarditis from covid then getting the jab is exactly what her words were to me and I told her my son is not getting touched with any of those and neither are my girls and she got really upset when I brought that up about the myocarditis and boys my son's age he's 17. she wanted to know why now all of a sudden I was asking questions. I don't ask questions when they prescribe him medicine and his psychiatric Doctors why would I ask questions now was also her exact words to me she got very upset when I brought up this myocarditis to her. But because the first thing I said was well you know everybody around me has the jab and actually my period been acting a little funny lately which is really weird because I haven't had the jab and I heard it makes you infertile for women and I'm only 35 she told me I was a conspiracy theorist and then I brought up the myocarditis and then she got really upset and she said she wasn't going to have a conversation with me because I was a conspiracy theorist. She told me I should shut up and listen because she's the doctor. I also blasted this doctor on Facebook and tagged the doctor's office where she worked. She told me one child there did get myocarditis from the shot. Is that 1 in 4 or 1 in 200 it makes a difference, because she said it was only a small number but depending on how many kids got the shot and how many didn't and that there was one in the office who did get the shot and at the time I think it was like 16 years old and up it's a pediatric doctor so I mean how many could there really be who got the shot at that office and this was only the out of the boys, she wasn't talking about the females. It funny they are now telling us females get myocarditis through that commercial though.

  5. Something was wrong when trump insisted that we all get this jab that was released within 6 months when in reality, it takes 5 years for a vaccine to go through numerous trials to ensure that shlt like this doswnt happen.

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