Pro-War Propagandists: How Bloodthirsty Media Push US Toward Every New War | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Glenn always seems to miss a major component of the pathologies that led to the Iraq War: Media centralization in New York City. Off the same number of people in Miami, Oklahoma City, or Idaho Falls at that moment in time? The Iraq War might not have happened.

  2. Not only US Media, all European media has been aligned and directly follows US media that In turn follow neocons. I have 1% confident in media for last 25 years but now it's negative trust, default assumption is that most is false or angled in ways that fits what ever story media want to throw.

  3. Glenn unfortunately you lost me when you said that the anti war message is coming from Fox News as they are hysterical and pro war with China including Tucker Carlson. Jimmy Dore did a great service by telling Carlson that China isn't the enemy of the USA but I guess it fell on deaf ears as he put out a stupid video about the Chinese balloon like the rest of the mainstream political commentators. Having a clear enemy is what keeps the Fox model going and the viewers enraged.

  4. As always: "Whether it's reactionary Republicans of the far-Right, or neoliberal Wall St. Democrats of the near-Right, they're both heading to the same destination.
    All that's being debated are optics & velocity."

  5. Trump Makes America Great Again

    For many years America was in decline.

    Then Trump decided it was time to find

    the swamp creatures who hid behind

    the fake news media who were aligned

    with Democrats who constantly whined

    about collusion to make him resign.

    President Trump designed a plan

    to make the Deep State understand

    he would deny the Globalists this land

    and make America great again.

    His enemies declared he was racist

    and late night comedians did insist

    that he was now on their blacklist

    and Hollywood would persist

    in accusing him but he dismissed

    all their lies and they were pissed.

    Impeachment was the next decision

    but he destroyed that with precision.

    The Department of Justice tried to prevail

    to bring him down and put him in jail,

    but Trump defeated the FBI

    and saved America for you and I.

    Mueller did his very best to bring him down

    but the evidence could not be found.

    Democrats had their day in court

    but their assault on Trump fell short.

    Negotiating behind closed doors

    brought business back to our shores.

    Jobs available for everyone,

    stock market going on a run.

    Making America great again

    after we elected this non-politician.

  6. OUR Country is under siege. WE must defend ourselves from a hostile takeover.

    No one is going to do it for us. WE are on our own.

    America under attack. Not from the Outside. But from the Inside.

    Stand up to the Elite who Abuse their Power over us.

    Now is the time to Step Forward and be Counted among the Brave.

    People need to be Arrested for Sedition and Treason. We know who they are. Do it now.

    Before they cause more damage to the Republic.

    An attempted Coup Failed and no one was arrested. Why not?

    Participate in the attempt to Restore Our Nation to the status it once held.

    Our Future Depends On It.

  7. The radical liberal left agenda does not include Fox News viewers in their future.

    Understand that fact right now. The liberal Democrat swamp system will not allow anyone who has opposing thoughts to live among them in their planned Utopia.

    Republicans are faced with dire consequences unless their voters unite under one banner.

    That will be the Make America Great Again banner. You know this to be true.

    The media and online systems are participating in the assault against our freedoms.

    Our only way to exist in the future is to end their control over us now.

    Conservative families do not have time or resources to demonstrate publicly.

    We work and do what we can to provide for ourselves and those we love and cherish.

    Protesting over the intrusion into our lives and assault on our freedom cannot be done. We must develop other ways to communicate our anger towards the Democrats and the media. America's values and beliefs will continue in this world. God Bless You All.

  8. The only real difference between the two parties is Republican voters like the government under Republican leadership and Democrats like government under Democratic leadership, even though the parties support the same militaristic goals.

  9. Just as the days of yellow journalism of the Hearst era moved our nation into war with Spain, the journalists of corporate media today are still advocating for war. Some things don’t change, even over millennia. American journalism is left leaning. It has been for decades going back to before Teddy Roosevelt.

    When the US was attacked on 9/11, Bush declared war on terror while the left wing politicians and media declared war on Republicans. It’s so obvious.

  10. 70% of Americans DID NOT support going to war in Iraq. Those supporting were in a 20 percentile minority. Those opposed were ALSO in a 20 percentile minority. The 50 percentile MAJORITY wanted the UN to continue their search for WMDs. The only thing Americans agreed upon was support for our SOLDIERS, as in any war.

  11. CNN made a lot of money off of 24/7 coverage of the Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm. All the media companies know that a bigger war with direct and large scale U.S. involvement is a cash cow waiting to happen. They want to make it happen. So they can report on it. And make a lot of money. After all, it won't affect them, just the poor kids who will be sent to fight and return in body bags, missing parts, or with PTSD. And then they can do stories on that years later to blame only political adversaries for not taking care of those people properly.

  12. Tom Friedman was right. After 9/11 that "bubble" had to be burst, and in large part seems to have been. Whether our method or methods for achieving that were sound or not is another question. You measure these events not in decades but in generations so the jury is still out, though, at present it looks like not.

  13. I had never heard of Glenn Greenwald until Jimmy Dore introduced him to me alongside matt taibi and Aaron mate, i didnt think Real journalists existed anymore these guys need to be supported more than ever they are all role models for any young people and i admire and are grateful for the truths they report on.

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