Problematic Words You Might Want to Use More Often

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  1. Language . The front line of the culture war .
    You change well known definitions, coerce, cajole
    And shame people into using them and half the battle is won before they realise they are fighting

  2. Hello is another word that may be hurtful and a classic micro-aggression.
    I'll explain – By greeting someone else, you pre-suppose the person you are greeting is wanting to be greeted, also by greeting them you are enforcing patriarchal "manners" on them by presuming they will also greet you in return, at risk of them offending you should they fail to return the greeting.

  3. In Ireland we use the word black to describe a crowded place as in the pub was black last night, you couldn't move or the shop was black you couldn't get near the shelves. I've heard several new Irish take exception to this term even though it's not used in reference to them and was in the common vernacular long before the new Irish ever showed up. Sometimes words are just words not racist slurs.

  4. Small point before they lecture others on the etymology of some words, perhaps they should do some research on the etymology of words so their claims could stand investigation! Many old English words come from a period when there was no more knowledge of black people , than the native people of South America knew about Europeans before the first of them arrived.

  5. The etimology of black and white in the english language comes from the use of chalk and charcoal marks in the pre medieval era when people couldn't read to denote 'yes' and 'no'. its that simple. people didn't use those terms for ethnicity – they used terms like 'celtic', 'pict', 'spanyard' 'saracen', 'ottoturk' and 'moore'. There was far more words for different kinds of what are now called 'white people' and 'black people'. These people are uneducated or more likely MISEDUCATED fools.

    Also as a person of mixed genetic heritage and disability – I do love telling these idiots my prefferered terms are 'Mutt' and 'Cripple' – and yes its how i genuinely refer to my self.

  6. One thing that gets my back up; is the Mushroom "Auricularia Auricula-Judea" < Try figure it's translation before reading on..
    The Correct name is "Jew's Ear" Or "Judas' Ear".
    BUT the community of leftist environmentalists can't stand to mention the Jews in any form. Yet it has very well established Biblical context. Even on Wikipedia!
    Everyone is forced to call it Jelly (or Wood) Ear. For fear of sounding racist.. But in censoring its actual translation they're being Antisemitic in my mind. (I know the left don't really have a problem with that)
    If someone can write the phonetic pronunciation for the scientific name, I'll give you 1 internet point 🧐

  7. Brainstorm is how epilepsy is sometimes referred to, still a lot of nonsense trying to censor which words or expressions people can use, selling someone "down the river" is supposed to be a bad thing/betrayal and I don't believe the Grandfather one has its origin in slavery. Wokeism is puritanical

  8. I recently got banned from YouTube for using some of these words, for about 2 hours before they over turned it, I don't know anyone who's been banned for that unless they are content creators, has anyone else had it happen, it blows my mind that it's even possible to get banned from anything for opinions but hey oh the 21st century we go, weakest time in western history and disgusting and shameful that we all have to tolerate words being 'violence' or 'opression'

  9. Remember we retired niggardly permanently? We arent above changing language within reason. Some things are obvious…retard is now a slur though American medical jargon still uses it in so many things like tardive dyskinesia in reports. In Europe you cant say that anymore in medical notes. Some suggestions should be considered but a few are going too far.

  10. So thanks to google I too am able to do a quick study of the etymology of the first three words, which turned out to be quite interesting. Blackmail, it turns out, cam from 1600's Scotland, had nothing to do with black people, but everything to do with the black cattle that was paid to mitigate the extortion (Whitemail, btw, comes from the extortion being paid in silver coins). Blacklist seems to have originated with a dramatist called Philip Massinger in a play called the Unnatural Combat written in 1639 (and has nothing to do with black people). Blacksheep comes from the phenomenon where black sheep are occasionally born into a flock, and their wool is commercially undesirable due to its inability to dyed. Again, this is all information that took about 2 minutes of googling, professors.

  11. I was blindsided when they sold me down the river, by my own tribe ffs , pretty savage tbf and all after being gypped by a grandfathered in member of the family who blackmailed me and I feel for it, we lived in a dump anyway a ghetto if you will but still a savage thing to do, spooky how it happened, first world problems I suppose, still it crippled me financially and pretty lame so next time I crossed paths I gave my spirit animal a bit of powwow for not giving me the heads up, me being Welsh luckily it was a sheep, the blacksheep of the herd….true story, sort of.

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