Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and Ray McGovern address UN Security Council on Nord Stream investigations

Written by Consortium News


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  1. every single TV station should broadcast this
    ( I know that's not gonna happen – but it would be great if we can reach that point of real human civilisation on this beautiful Planet )

  2. Deep gratitude to economist Jeffrey Sachs and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, the truth tellers working overtime to prevent WWIII. We need people to demand their House and Senate reps defund this war in Ukraine and demand diplomacy now.

  3. Thank you Prof Sachs for your courage and leadership. Thanks Ray and Sey Hersh for your honesty…..otherwise I was losing all hope in decency and plain honesty.

  4. Sachs saying the Russians had no motive shows either his bias or ignorance. One motive would be to drive a wedge between the US and Germany. Another would be to create anti-American feeling around the world using the Biden remark as cover. It would also motivate anti-US government guys like Sachs, Hersh, Chomsky, MacGregor, Wilkerson and McGovern into action.

  5. I disagree with Sachs that blowing NS was a high tech operation. It's just a pipe and layer of concrete — not a fortified pillbox or massive bank vault. The pipe isn't even that deep.

  6. The US rep says Russia wants to change the topic, WHEN DISCUSSING IT !!!, I suppose the Few, making the anti Russian activities Decisions, since the cold war ended, are eager to(PROFIT) fight a war. Others fight, die, and suffer for THEM. Is it all of the 1% nature-raping industrialists ? who hire the narrow minded obsessively dedicated ? I went to Sunday's Rally against the war, this biden fella and his wall street? has really lead us downwards. We have sooo many problems, and the gov't talks and waste $ on war crap, that nobody else wastes sooo much on. A new huge ship, sub, ? is ok, but nothing for us.

  7. I would like to know why the response to Saddam having chemical weapons was for the US to use its weapons to kill millions of Iraqis? All weapons are made of chemicals and use chemicals to destroy. The US invaded Iraq with its weapons and killed Iraqis because, Saddam still had chemical weapons and would kill people. That includes his own. Obviously that was something the US thought it should do instead of Saddam.

  8. Much respect to both these guys. McGovern always looses me a bit. I’m not sure the issue is the u.s. genuinely not understanding Russia, but otherwise wanting to be friends. Instead they seek conflict for geopolitical reasons, mixed with what appears to be something of a personal hatred.

  9. USA and Norway should be held to accountable. Sweden probably cleared the pieces of the explosion in order to hide all the traces of the explosion and materials used by perpetrators.

  10. In light of recent events one thing is clear as a day: No matter how "civilized" humanity thinks we are, one rule remains supreme: "Strong do what they want while the weak do what they must…" That's the only rule that matters, everything else is acting. We all know who did this, yet because that entity is the hegemonic superpower, nothing will happen with regards to this event. When they say "rules based international order" this is really what it means… we the strong do whatever we want while the rest of you get to fight for whatever little is left on the table.

  11. The UK is persistent in their geopolitical footsies regarding serious acts of international terror on international infrastructure. Obviously, the UK would rather be a loyal anti-Russia warmonger rather than being a responsible partner in the UNSC. Similarly, one has seen similar footsies by Sweden, Germany and Denmark as regards the investigations to the Nordstream act of terror. One wonders whether the saying 'birds of a feather flock together' has truth. The very essence of global security and prosperity rests on the perpetrators being identified and prosecuted.

  12. Russia does not threaten America's global position, but the mere possibility of it working with Europe, and Germany in particular, opens up the greatest threat of this decade, a long-term threat that needs to be nipped in the bud. George Friedman This is about it. economic progress and willingness to enable Ukraine. The Germans have no reason to harm themselves against Russia and for Ukraine. The German government is completely against the majority of the population. Ms. Baerbock has mocked German voters on several occasions. She represents Ukrainians no matter what her voters think.

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