Professor RESIGNS Citing University Indoctrinating Corrupt Wokeism, Peter Boghossian Says ENOUGH

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  1. Thieves and liars, murderers,
    hypocrites and bastards!

    Hey, thanks for nothing!
    Morals in the dust.
    Two-faced bastards and sycophants.
    No trust.

    Thieves! Liars!
    Thieves! Liars!
    Thieves! Liars!
    Thieves! Liars!

  2. I agree with you. US universities have become indoctrination /reeducation camps. Parents paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to institutions which teach their children to hate them. But we cannot let higher education solely in the hands of the Radical Left. Universities are also the training grounds for future leaders in politics, business and sciences and to abandon those fields to the extreme left is also a danger. So I think the solution is to open new schools, new universities where people like Peter Boghossian, Bret and Erik Weinstein and I am sure many more academicians could be the response to this problem.

  3. Ideally college should be used as a place to become a specialist, but also an undergrad could be useful for teaching students how to think critically or a place to challenge their ideas. Definitely not a “safe space” though.

  4. Collages edited socratic methods a little they removed the old logic section with critical thinking and then changed it again . Dropping the metod in small but effective ways . I was in college twice fist after school and then years later as a mature student but i did some classes a decade apart and the difference was noticeable. Humanity's department

  5. Tim, you just admitted that you and Boghossian were both right and wrong. It was a combination of both of your views. Also, if you listened to James Lindsay talk about Critical Theory, you'd know that he talks about the entire spectrum, not just race. C'mon man. ?

  6. People are changing even in my small town, people that would chat you up when you go in if it's not busy, people that normaly say hi, friends seem to have all become very cold and scared (even those who haven't known anyone who got sick from covid)

  7. Tim's buddy: I quit!
    Tim: I'm a journalist,
    my pal quitting their job is news!
    Audience: sSlurrp!
    Why isn't the msm covering Tim's opinion,
    on his buddy quitting his job?!
    This has to be a psyOp!
    Civil War Now!

  8. Some Liberal says something stupid like "men have periods too" So a few people on tic tic see it but every conservative with a channel like Tim and Fox news replays it over and over. Why? Look at AOC she became a celebrity saying stupid woke shit. I think we add to it by accident.

  9. Algorithmic bubbles are destroying society. Feeding people clickbait that shuts out anything that doesn't agree with that ideology. Brainwashed!

  10. I apprenticed in the commercial/industrial refrigeration trade in the mid 70's.
    I was never without work. I traveled the world.
    When I retired in 2003 my average yearly income was 90 grand per year.

  11. Personally I think that racism and issues with bad cops are 5-10% of the issues with America. meanwhile 30-45% is likely due to mental problems and the other % is due to people that just want to hurt others or do bad things for profit.

  12. People in those positions that are opposed to this shit need to STOP quitting those positions, they just end up getting replaced by people either too afraid to speak out or are replaced by people that agree with it 100%. Stay in your job and tell these people no, Resist them, stop folding like a paper towel and simply running away, If you REALLY are against this shit then you have to take a stand or forever hold your peace, remember if you say nothing eventually they will come for you.

  13. Tim definitely gets many things right, but giving parenting advice is not his strong suit. You don't need to send your kids to trade school so they can avoid seeing all of the dummies in the world that are trying to indoctrinate them. Tim, how about advocating to teach your kids critical thinking skills so they can see through the professors' bullshit, while still learning some useful material that will help them get a job in a field that they're interested in. People have interest in the humanities and in teaching and in biology and in chemistry and on and on. You can't get all of the jobs you want from trade school. Teach your kids to think for themselves and don't rely on teachers and professors to do those things for you.

  14. Marxism is attacking on multiple fronts, in the guise of wokeism, BLM, Antifa, CRT and Climate extremism… China must be loving it!

  15. Rational thinkers? Sorry, it is like an onion. Critical Thinking gives you a new set of morals to believe in and uses a train of thought that is intellectually shallow and often times contradictory. But Critical Theory is a product of the Frankfurt School which was a communist group. Communism destroys all morals by destroying all faith and family. Society can't pass along any wisdom of ages past. All you can believe in is what the State tells you to believes in. It is not Rational at all. It is VERY emotional and with some people that is more important.

  16. The problem with trade school is that, unlike, college, trade school isn't fun. I went to school for 2 reasons ; warm p** and cold beer. I'm sure a lot of the soyboys go to protests just to get laid.

  17. I’m 24 never went to college but am thinking about going now. There’s no way I’d be indoctrinated into their crap. If you teach your children critical thinking and make sure they aren’t super impressionable they should be fine. I grew up in a super lefty house hold my family despises trump all I heard growing up was Obama Obama Obama but I still managed to see good job from a bad job and right from wrong and now I love American and Voted Trump twice because my parents taught me to critically think and think for myself lol

  18. Why now? Social media echo cambers.. and the college environment outlawing freedom of thought. It was encouraged back in the day to go against the grain, but you will be punished now days.

  19. I'm a refrigeration tradesman myself and I've given the decision of college to my son but I pray he chooses to join me as a tradesmen and frankly any trade he picks ill be happy with.

  20. Oh my god Tim alright you're right. So what? Who cares? Solve the problem that's way more important now. Idgaf about your debate about where it came from, nobody is talking about how to fix this.