Professor Robert Clancy: Covid-19 Narratives, Vaccine Adverse Events, Evidence Based Medicine, WHO

Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy AM, MBBS(Hons), BSc(Med), PhD, DSc, FRACP, FRCPA, FRS(N) is a practising clinical immunologist with an international reputation for research in autoimmune disease, immunisation and mucosal inflammatory disease. He was Foundation Professor of Pathology at the University of Newcastle, where he established the Newcastle Mucosal Immunology Group, identifying mechanisms of airways protection and the pathogenesis of mucosal disease, and discovered new methods of disease control. He was awarded the first and only Doctor of Science by The University of Newcastle.

Professor Clancy developed the vaccine Broncostat at the University of Newcastle in 1985. The Broncostat vaccine reduces attacks of acute bronchitis to a degree of 90%.

In this interview with Discernable the professor surveys the state of Covid-19 in Australia and notes the discrepancies between the narratives woven about the disease at different times. Zooming out to explore evidence-based medicine, vaccine adverse events and the centralisation of health management by international bureaucracies such as the World Health Organisation, the professor finishes with his love of cartography and thoughts on how we can navigate through an increasingly political and potentially scientifically corrupt moment in the history of medicine.

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  1. The truth has to come out eventually,i bet the legal eagles are circling waiting for more evidence ready to pounce,if you want vacc thats up to you but gov had no right to force people

  2. I think it's discusting that YT has sensored free speach to the point that words have to be blanked out – otherwise the video is removed. Sort of stuff you expect in communist China. Great / Scarey Vid. Thank you

  3. All the people I know and work with are vaccinated and I have not seen any adverse reactions yet it appears the Professor's entire family was almost killed. Why is that?

  4. Just saw the full interview….so well done Matt and Prof Clancy. Although I don't agree with everything, I admire the truthful position and the integrity. Thankyou ❤

  5. Great interview. At the end of the day it should be a personal choice. No to kids though as they should build their own immunity. The science, well I still don’t trust it. Sometimes it best to trust your own body. Blessings to you…❤️

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