Professor Thomas Borody Interview – Part 2

In the second part of our interview with the esteemed Professor Thomas Borody from Australia, we discuss the question of ethical clinical trials, the progress in Australia with the Ivermectin-based tri-therapy he recommends for COVID-19, the role of State and federal authories.

The interview also includes a message to Canada and other countries that deny early treatment to the population and the critical importance of the doctor patient relationship and the right for medical doctors to prescribe off-label.

It’s important to realize that Professor Borody’s stance is contrary to the mainstream when it comes to therapeutics for COVID-19.

Instead of telling people to go home and wait, when they are infected with the virus, his message is to get early treatment, to prevent the development of the disease.

It’s a similar approach, yet with different drugs, to what has been recommended since March by Dr Vladimir Zelenko, Professor Didier Raoult and others.

Another aspect of his message that differs from many other researchers is that he insists randomized trials are not the gospel and should actually be implemented only in very specific conditions, which are typically not met for COVID-19.


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  1. Thank you Thomas Borody
    Any doctors or governments, around the world, who refuse to give this triple therapy,a chance
    Should be held accountable
    Doctors have a responsibility to give their patients the best possible treatments,
    That would lead to the best possible outcomes
    Governments have a responsibility to ensure the people, have access to the best possible treatments, without delay.
    Many governments around the world, including the UK
    Are politicising decisions, aided and abetted
    By scientists, who are intentionally down playing, any possible cure.
    Leaving thousands of people to die
    Playing politics, and delaying treatments, when people are dying
    Is murder, and they should be charged as such.

  2. Could someone post the email address Dr. Borody gave for doctors to use to obtain his protocol? I have an open-minded doctor and I want to ask her to get this information so that she can treat my family members if necessary. But I couldn't quite understand the whole email address he gave.

  3. In Brazil, some doctors are prescribing ivermectin for the treatment and prevention of covid-19. The minimum dose is 6mg every 30kg. In prevention 1 dose every 10 days. In the treatment 1 dose per day for 4 days or while the symptoms last. In obese or people with high viral load you can use 12mg every 30kg. Dr. Lucy Kerr explains the action of ivermectin in covid-19: What about Favipiravir being used in China, Russia (Avifavir, Coronavir) and India (Fabiflu) for early treatment of covid-19?

  4. Unconscionable. The medieval paradigm of experimental, controlled test with human lives. Human rats, mice, guinea pigs. Even controlled trials with variances of doses of a curative drug can be unconscionable, where the aim is to find lower doses having no effect, with no other purpose than with regard to costs, to save money! At the expense of human lives! Abominable.

  5. Dr. Paul Marik advocates MATH+ protocol with Ivermectin. It works.
    Thank you Dr. Barody for the bold new approach. You are saving lives. We salute you!
    Here is the email ID to contact Dr. Barody for getting the Protocol –

    Here is Dr Mariks website –

    For quick access;


    It should be noted that there is no cure or Magic-bullet for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. While there is extremely limited data, the following “cocktail” may have a role in the prevention/ mitigation of COVID-19 disease. This cocktail is inexpensive, safe, and widely available. It should be noted that recent evidence suggests that Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of symptomatic COVID-19 and from dying from the disease.[1,2] Vitamin D supplementation may therefore be an effective and cheap intervention to lessen the impact of this disease, particularly in vulnerable populations; i.e. the elderly, those of color, obese and those living > 45o latitude.
    • Vitamin D3 1000-3000 iu/day. Note RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is 800-1000 iu/day. The safe upper-dose daily limit is likely < 4000 iu/day. [1-16]
    • Vitamin C 500 mg BID (twice daily) and Quercetin 250 mg daily [17-28] Note that prolonged high dose quercetin has very rarely been associated with hypothyroidism. [29,30] Quercetin should be used with caution in patients with hypothyroidism and TSH levels should be monitored.
    • Melatonin (slow release): Begin with 0.3mg and increase as tolerated to 2 mg at night. [31-38]
    • Zinc 30-50 mg/day (elemental zinc). [17,24,26,27,39-43]
    • Famotidine 20-40 mg/day [44-48]
    • B complex vitamins [49-53]
    • Optional/Experimental: Interferon-α nasal spray for health care workers [54]
    • Optional: Ivermectin for postexposure prophylaxis (see NCT04422561)

    Symptomatic patients at home (for the duration of acute symptoms)
    • Vitamin C 500 mg BID and Quercetin 250-500 mg BID
    • Zinc 75-100 mg/day (elemental zinc)
    • Melatonin 10 mg at night (the optimal dose is unknown) [38]
    • Vitamin D3 2000-4000 iu/day
    • ASA 81 -325 mg/day (unless contraindicated). ASA has antiinflammatory, antithrombotic, and antiviral effects.[55,56] Platelet activation may play a major role in propagating the prothrombotic state associated with COVID-19. [57]
    • Famotidine 40 mg BID (reduce dose in patients with renal dysfunction) [44-47]
    • B complex vitamins
    • Optional (highly recommended): Ivermectin 150-200 ug/kg orally (repeat on day 2). An alternative strategy is a dose of 12 mg within 24 hours of symptom onset and then repeated 24 hours later. [58-65]
    • Optional: Vascepa (Ethyl eicosapentaenoic acid) 4g daily or Lovaza (EPA/DHA) 4g daily; alternative DHA/EPA 4g daily. Vascepa and Lovaza tablets must be swallowed and cannot be crushed, dissolved or chewed. Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and play an important role in the resolution of inflammation. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids may have antiviral properties. [26,66-69]
    • Optional: Interferon-α/β s/c, nasal spray or inhalation. [54,70-72] It should be noted that Zinc potentiates the effects of interferon.[73,74]
    • In symptomatic patients, monitoring with home pulse oximetry is recommended (due to asymptomatic hypoxia). The limitations of home pulse oximeters should be recognized, and validated devices are preferred.[75] Multiple readings should be taken over the course of the day, and a downward trend should be regarded as ominous.[75] Baseline or ambulatory desaturation < 94% should prompt hospital admission. [76] The following guidance is suggested: [75]

    Read the full article on EVMS website – follow the link provided::

  6. Prof. Borody is a bright, and reasonable man. And he has a cure, for Covid, and probably other similar viruses as well, if treated in early stage, – with Ivermectin, zink, doxycyclin etc. Excellent!
    Thanks Borody, for The work that you do!

  7. watch youtube documentary. CARING CORRUPTED KILLING NURSES OF THE 3RD REICH. 2 NURSING PROFESSORS FROM SCHOOL OF NURSING who wanted to find out how did such an advanced german medical community of drs and nurses become killing machines for a political cause. as one holocost surviver said if they did it once who will be next? a true pandemic would never require RCTs. as a nurse it is clear a pandemic is battlefield practice of medicine. Fauci was against promoting life saving HCQ and all the others. Why? How does fraudulent lancet study get published and msm only reports on it? you cant have a pandemic without deaths. there will be a right and wrong side of history regarding this political pandemic. God Bless you Doctors for letting your voices be heard. There is no sense to why life saving meds not being promoted and mainstream media not reporting truth of it….because the plan was not about being healed by getting early treatment…watch the documentary. i am not jewish but Polish. i have relative who was killed just for being a teacher by the nazis. American frontline doctors summit oct 17 on steps of supreme court is right on and the video is banned on youtube and social media. control the press and you control the people. i am so glad COVEXIT is able to share these life saving videos. as a nurse i always believed in our healthcare system but now after watching all the lies and lack of desire to bring life saving treatments to the forefront it is clear there is a political agenda controlling the medical and scientific community.

  8. Thank you covexit and Thomas Borody
    Please keep pushing this therapy
    It's so sad that The WHO and doctors around the world need to be reminded their responsibility to give their patients the best possible treatments
    Leading to the best possible outcome
    They take an oath to this effect
    It's the most basic fundamental responsibility doctors have too their patients

    It's quite obvious trials involving Invermectin by
    The WHO, and health authorities worldwide
    are Intentionally set up to fail
    By refusing to administer the drugs in the combination suggested by
    Doctor Thomas Borody
    If the trials involved administered the drugs
    In the combination and dosage suggested by
    Thomas Borody
    We would already be back to normal
    Free from the threat of covid19
    Why are the WHO demonising all possible treatments for covid19?

  9. That answers a nagging question I have been troubled by, namely a randomised double placebo controlled trial can be an unlawful killing in the current pandemic. I have previously seen comment by an ICU nurse that the possibility of administering the placebo instead of Ivermectin would cause a dilemma. The reverse of the firing squad where one has the blank bullet.

  10. But in order to claim that a drug or drug combination cures a particular disease, you need to demonstrate first that it does, for which the gold standard is a controlled double blind study. And if during that study it becomes evident that the drug/combination clearly prevents serious illness/death, the study is stopped and all patients are given the treatment.

  11. On nous enferme alors que le traitement qui agit en trois jours existe depuis des mois. Le professeur australien Thomas Borody, inventeur des traitements contre la maladie de Crohn et de la sténose du pylore (rien que ça !) le rappelle : La trithérapie « ivermectine, doxycycline et zinc » soigne en trois jours et évite de mourir. Le seul journal français à l’avoir interviewé est FranceSoir, c’est dire combien les médias français ont la tête enfermée dans un cube formaté.

    Avant que cela ne constitue le plus grand scandale du siècle, partagez, pour qu’on ne dise pas que vous saviez et n’avez rien fait. Merci pour les victimes.

  12. We are headed to a global Nuremberg court over these dubious jabs, who financed the origins of the wuhan virus, and the supression of alternative treatments and therapies. Heads of the big high tech companies, governors, presidents will be defendants.

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