Profits Slump At CNN As Ratings Plummet

It might surprise you to learn that despite plunging ratings and an increased indifference from the public, CNN is still highly profitable – taking in nearly $1 billion in profits last year. But that’s not enough, as the network was projected to clear $1.1 billion in profits, so new management has been brought in to right the ship. Will it work? Will viewers – and the advertising dollars that come with them – return to CNN any time soon?

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether CNN should have known everything would go south for the cable network when they got rid of Chris Cuomo.

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  1. Jimmy always gets the result right (which I give him credit for) but the cause wrong. He does this without fail. Watching him is always deflection 101. If cable shows were not bundled there would be a shit load of instant failures. In a capitalist system, (which we haven't had a true form of in our lifetimes) you give me a shit product and I don't buy from you. Sounds like its working even though its not true capitalism. Now eliminate bundling of shows on cable and places like CNN wouldn't be around long at all. Think about it. When you purchase a bundle that has these networks and shows you'll never watch and don't want. You are still giving them money because of bundling.

  2. Correction Jimmy, that's not how CAPITALISM works, it's how greed works. And before all you shittard Jimmy fan boys chime in with stupid assed comments, "capitalism" is an economic model not a person. Only people can be greedy.

  3. Here's the issue: the numbers are fudged. Post-2016 election, we discovered there was some sort of backdoor agreement CNN execs made with U.S. airports (and certain areas, overseas) to broadcast CNN— without our consent . This is most likely where the advertising revenue is generated. If CNN was removed from: airports, bars, restaurants, and cafes (again: one network….monopolizing public areas, with one view) they'd crumble, instantly.

  4. So Trump was right?! Maybe that’s why they are paying for these Republican candidates so CNN has something to scare people with?! Brian denied that Trump saved their network…It seems Trump saved their network for the past five years or so, hmm 🤔

  5. People aren't as stupid as CNN think they are, they know they're being lied to repeatedly and spoon fed Democrat party propoganda, if you want news CNN would be the last place on earth where you would find it.

  6. "You wouldn't see $956 million in profit as a failure.. But that's how capitalism work"

    Is Jimmy a communist? If not, why does he sound like one?

  7. Using propaganda on the American people used to be illegal, until Obama legalized it (Defense Act of 2012 I believe). It's just so funny to me that anyone would have thought it would end up any other way.

  8. the saddest one is the children's cooking contests, l can't even stand watching the adds, putting children under pressure and watching some of them end up with emotional scarring "after accidentally dropping their dish on the floor while removing it from the oven".

  9. They’re built into the cable package that everyone gets, so CNN always gets a piece of the pie. It really doesn’t matter if people watch it or not. Now they still have to sell ads, but the bulk of their income is already built in.

  10. They won’t lose that much when the Democratic establishment will send 60 billion to Ukraine but they put CNNs account as the deposit location on the cheque.

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